New Baby!


New Baby! I can't believe that I only have 50 days left before Baby Girl is set to be here. It's crazy how fast this pregnancy has flown. I was really hoping to 'treasure' my pregnancy and focus on every moment but I must admit that it has not yet been able to happen. The first half of the pregnancy I kept forgetting I was even pregnant. I had absolutely no symptoms. It was actually very relaxing and wonderful to not worry about all the morning sickness like I had with my last pregnancy.   When I hit the half way point it seemed like things in life started to spin out of control. I was dealing with a pre-teen phase with my oldest and potty training my current youngest. I just did not have time to "relax".   Now that I am nearing the end I have been able to breath a bit more. However the holidays kept me busy and now I only have 7 weeks to nest and get everything in order. We finally moved our youngest into her "big girl room" and I can now focus on getting my home in … [Read more...]

Simplifying My Life with Birds……


** I was provided with a copy of this title for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way. Simplifying My Life with Birds...... I feel like I have not blogged in years. It  has been a very long time since I sat down and just started pouring my heart out in a post to all of you. Honestly I have let life get ahead of me recently. I have let myself get wrapped up in so much "stuff" from homeschooling, babysitting, being Primary President at church, being a wife and mother, focusing on my health and more! With everything on my plate I was no longer having time to do things for myself. I mean I am still getting in my daily workouts but that is about the only thing I am doing for "me". The rest of the day I feel like I am running a marathon and no longer have time to think let alone sit down for a minute. For years I have watched my husband find time to de-stress. He typically spends his stress free time in the garage … [Read more...]

Meet My Dog and Learn About Why I Am Making A Switch In Her Pet Food!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iams. All opinions are 100% mine.  Meet My Dog and Learn About Why I Am Making A Switch In Her Pet Food! Almost 10 years ago exactly I was preparing my house and getting it ready to host a birthday party for my Dad. As the day went on I caught myself looking out the window at a dog that had wondered into my yard and would not leave. She was just a very young puppy. I thought that she would wonder off or her owner would soon come looking for her so I sat out a little food and water and waited. As the hours passed I realized that she was not going to leave so I called the local dog catcher to see if anyone was looking for her. She took my number and let me know that she would contact me if someone called her looking for this beautiful puppy. That night I took her inside and decided that if she was not claimed then I would give her a home. After getting her inside I discovered that she was blind in one eye, had scars on her head and … [Read more...]

A Day In My Life!


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #QuakerTime #CollectiveBias    A Day In My Life With Quaker!   My life is crazy. I wake up at 4:30am each morning. I start my day with a shower and fresh clothes. At 5:00am I have two kiddo's show up for me to babysit. A 7 year old and a toddler. 6:00am I eat my Quaker breakfast to get the day started off right for me and my growing baby! I am currently 7 months pregnant and I want to make sure the baby gets everything it needs! 7:00am I get another toddler to watch during the day. 7:30am Feed one of the 7 year old I babysit breakfast while getting the others ready to leave. 8.:00am I take one of the 7 year old I babysit to school. 8:30am I get breakfast ready for the two toddlers I watch as well as my 10 year old daughter. They always opt for Quaker Instant Oatmeal and Quaker Cinnamon Life Cereal. (Cinnamon Life was my #1 Favorite Cereal as a … [Read more...]

I Love Living In Colorful Colorado!


I Love Living In Colorful Colorado!   Colorado is so beautiful this time of year. This past weekend I was able to spend some time in the mountains with my family. Check out some of the beautiful colors that we were able to see! The drive up the mountain was simply beautiful! My family and I had never been up this mountain before so everything was new to us. It was stunning! There was moss blanketing many of the rocks. One of the last days for this little flower. As of today that mountain flower is covered in snow....... Even the grass is changing colors for fall..... The Yellow colors were breathtaking My Mom was also taking pictures of the stunning colors. The kids had a blast running all over the mountain. Morning dew was gathered on many of the fallen leaves. So many beautiful colors! I love you Colorado! Do you enjoy looking at fall colors? … [Read more...]

My Experience On Why It’s Important To Clean Your Fire Alarm!


My Experience On Why It's Important To Clean Your Fire Alarm!   I bet many of you are thinking...”Clean my Fire Alarm? Why?”. I know that a few days ago I would have thought the same thing. But, that was before I was rudely awakened by a very loud BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP. You see, a few nights ago my family and I had just cuddled into bed. I was just on the verge of that deep sleep when the fire alarm started going off. My husband and I quickly jumped out of bed and started to run down the hallway. I headed to my daughters room and was frantically screaming for my daughter to wake up. She slept right though the alarm which made the situation even more terrifying to me. As I was yelling at my daughter my husband ran through the house in search of the fire. Just as he was coming back down the hallway from his investigation the alarms suddenly stopped. My husband and I looked around, smelled the air...where was the fire? As it turns out there was no fire. Nothing at all. … [Read more...]

My Easter Traditions & $400 Easter Deals Hunt Giveaway #EasterDealsHunt @Coupons #ad


This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Coupons .com. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic. My Easter Traditions & $400 Easter Deals Hunt Giveaway #EasterDealsHunt As a child my life was filled with many Easter traditions. My family would decorate eggs each and every year...not only at our home but also at my Grandmothers house. Each and every Easter my Mom would take me out to purchase a beautiful Easter dress to wear to Church on Easter Sunday. We would also have two Easter dinners. One at each set of Grandparents homes. These family gatherings and beautiful dresses are among some of my most beloved memories as a child. That is why I have decided to continue these traditions with my own daughter. She loves going out with me each and every year to pick out a new spring time Easter Dress and heading over to Grandma's house to decorate eggs. But, with those beloved family traditions we have also … [Read more...]

My Top Five Dreams Vacation Destinations!

'This is a Fashionista Events opportunity.'   My Top Five Dreams Vacation Destinations! Every year I try to set back enough money for my family to go on a two week vacation. Some of our vacations have included Utah, California and here in Colorado. I love all these places and we have made some amazing memories but, I think it is time for me to start thinking about getting a stamp in my passport. There are a few places around this world that I have always wanted to go! My #1 choice would be Ireland. I have dreamed of visiting Ireland since I was a little girl.  Growing up I fell in love with the movie Darby O'Gill and the Little People. The scenery and such in that movie captivate d my heart and I have wanted to go ever since. My #2 choice should actually be tied for first. I would love to one day set foot on Prince Edward Island in Canada. Ann of Green Gables was my most favorite books and movies growing up and I would love to one day see the Ann of Green Gables … [Read more...]

How to Make a Pair of Rabbit Shoes for Your Kid!


  How to Make a Pair of Rabbit Shoes for Your Kid? It¡¯s easy to find a pair of comfortable shoes for your child. But since it isn't difficult to make them personally, why not take a try? Comparing with purchasing one pair, a pair of DIY shoes must be much more meaningful. Below, you will be introduced with a tutorial, which helps you make rabbit shoes for your kid. Believe it or not, it¡¯s funny :D! Step 1: draw the pattern you want to make on a piece of paper. According to the drawn style, cut them off from the cloth. Here, I used pure cotton. Certainly, you can choose another one as long as it¡¯s supple and warm enough. Here, the side, bottom, interior lining and laces of the shoes need to be cut. Step 2: fold the side parts of the shoes. Along the red line, sew up their back sides. Here, a margin of 0.5cm should be left. Step 3: fix the side and bottom by pins. Remember to make the middle points symmetrical. In this case, a rough look of the shoes can be … [Read more...]

My Daughters First Country Music Concert!


  I grew up listening to country music. Chris LeDoux, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Alabama etc....they were always on the radio or t.v. when I was a child. As I grew to be a little older my parents started taking my brothers and I to all the country music concerts in our area. By the time I was 18 I has seen Andy Griggs, Chris LeDoux, George Strait, Lone Star,  Pam Tillis, Doug Supernaw, Diamond Rio, Neal McCoy, Brian White, Chely Wright and many, many more singers in concert. As my daughter is getting older she has taken on a love for country music. Is always seems to have her MP3 player turned on and blasting away with her favorite music. Recently my husband and I decided that our daughter was old enough to attend her first country music concert. She was so excited! We were able to take her to Collin Raye during our fair this year. As we were waiting for the concert to get started I could see that he was behind the stage signing autographs. My daughter wanted to meet … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Day #6!


Summer Vacation Day #6!   Day 2 was a very humbling experience for all of us. We decided to take a tour of the LDS Humanitarian Center. It was such a fulfilling experience to see everything that the church does for every one in the world. I had never been to the Humanitarian Center before and honestly did not really know what to expect. I can honestly say that it was a great tour and I will be going back the next time we are in Salt Lake!   During the first part of the tour we walked down a hallway. Hanging down this hall were flags from around the world. Every flag that hangs on the wall represents at least one employee that works at the Humanitarian Center! Here is a picture of PART of the flags they had hanging! There were SO many flags! It was really cool to see.   These are all bails of clothing. These clothes will be sent to families in need and/or sold to help afford other supplies. All the clothing here has been donated to the … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Day #5!


Summer Vacation Day #5!   Day #5 was filled with swimming at the Great Salt Lake. I have always found this lake interesting. The size of it is out of this world and the salt content is much higher then the ocean making it impossible for anything besides brine shrimp to live in it. None of us had ever been to the Great Salt Lake before. To be honest it was the stinkiest place I think I have ever been. I don't know how my daughter could stand to play in that water and that sand all day....but we still had fun! It was neat to see the large variety of birds that were flocking around us. There is even Buffalo that roam around which was really neat to see! We had a blast!   After our day of 'swimming' at the Great Salt Lake we decided to have a little fun playing glow in the dark golf at Fat Cats! It was a blast! … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Day #4!


  Summer Vacation Day #4! On day #4 we decided to let loose and have some fun! Ok...well I was just there to take the pictures because to be honest...I don't do carnival rides!! On day 4 we headed to Lagoon! I remember going here as a child and we used to have a blast as kids riding ride after ride. This is when I actually rode them. But even so...  I still had a blast watching my daughters face as she rode roller-coaster after roller-coaster!   After our day at Lagoon we could not wait to try out yet another Diner, Drive-In's and Dives eatery! This time it was Roy's Burger Barn! Yum! … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Day #3!


  Summer Vacation Day #3!   Day #3 of our summer vacation was spent at the Salt Lake City Zoo! My daughter is a huge animal lover and dreams of one day being a pet vet. Her goal in life is to learn everything she can about every animal. Because of her thirst for knowledge we spent HOURS at the zoo so that she could watch every animal as long as she wanted! For some of them this meant sitting or standing for 30-45 minutes just watching one animal....boy was I tired by the end of the day! But we really, really enjoyed ourselves!   I was so grateful for the mist fans throughout the zoo! It was so HOT that day! My daughter took pictures with every statue at the zoo! She loves the camera! After the zoo day was over we deiced to try out another Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives place! We love that T.V. show and could not wait to try out these amazing meatballs! They were SOOOO good! After dinner we also decided to go take a look at another Temple that was … [Read more...]

Summer Vacation Day 2!


    We had a blast at the Aquarium on day 1 and we could not wait for day #2! When we woke up that morning we talked about what we all wanted to do that day....we all agreed that it was the perfect day to spend at the Salt Lake City temple. My daughter had never before seen this temple and she was so excited to learn of it's history and see the temple that many of her ancestors helped to build.   My daughter was blown away when we entered temple square. There were flowers everywhere! The first thing we did when we arrived to the square was walk around the flower gardens and went to the tabernacle and one of the visitor centers. After the visitor center and tabernacle we spent at least an hour walking all the way around the temple. My daughter wanted to take in every last detail. It was fun pointing out things that are placed on the outside of the temple walls and their meanings. I also seen a family that I knew growing up in my home town. That just … [Read more...]