How to Survive a Rainy Day Fourth of July


  The Fourth of July is one of the top Holiday's at our house. It's like Christmas, but with legal explosives. It's a time when we get together with family and friends for fun, excitement and swimming immediately after eating. Unfortunately last year, our blissful outing of watching the local parade, the annual gluttonous BBQ and Samoan food picnic was ruined by fierce rain. We only got to see fireworks because the local fire department was determined to do it no matter what (you guys rock!). Last year's washout got me thinking about having a backup plan this year. After all, we can't control the weather, so what can you do if a rainy day swallows up your Fourth of July plans? 6 Kids Activities for a Rainy Fourth of July Indoor Drive-In If you can get your hands on a projector, why not set up a special movie event in the family room? Tack a white bed sheet to the wall and create an indoor drive-in theatre. Pop some popcorn, grab a few special treats the kids love … [Read more...]

Red, White and Blue for Independence Day

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Red, White and Blue for Independence Day 4th of July is just around the corner and no better time to start preparing for how you're going to celebrate America's freedom and independence. Whether it's an outdoor BBQ with friends or a pool party with family or a beach picnic with the neighbors, 4th of July is a wonderful time to wear, eat and showcase the colors of red, white and blue. Getting children involved in your fun and crafty projects will give everyone that star-spangled feeling. The American flag colors of red, white and blue are naturally found in lots of fruits and veggies. Play with different color and food combinations to create healthy 4th of July snacks, sweet USA spirited desserts or patriotic table centerpieces. Tomatoes, red peppers, lychees (out of their shell), onions, potatoes, red apples, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, coconut, radishes, garlic are just a few of the wonderful fresh produce you can use to create tasty Independence day … [Read more...]

HOP Movie Review & Screening Party!


  My Thoughts on HOP I had never seen Easters hit movie HOP before and I was excited because for my first time ever not only was I going be able to watch HOP with my family but also host a HOP party for all of my daughters friends! To start off I received an awesome package in the mail that contained HOP the movie as well as fun activities for the kids including drum sticks, stickers, and even a stuffed E.B. Bunny! I knew that these were going to be a big hit with the kiddos and boy was I right! I decided to keep the feel of the party going I would also have the kids set up to decorate Easter Egg cookies while they watched the cute HOP movie. It was a big hit and the kids had a blast decorating and eating their Easter Egg cookies! HOP is a very cute movie. If you have not seen it yet I recommend you do so right away. It is about E.B. the son of the Easter Bunny. It is fastly becoming his time to shine as the new Easter Bunny but he has other plans for his life. He has a … [Read more...]

Amazon’s St. Patricks Day Deals!


  St. Patricks Day is one of my all time favorite Holidays! I remember my Mom making it such a fun stress free holiday for us kids as I was growing up! We enjoyed dressing up in all green with fun pin on buttons and big jewelry! Now that I am a Mom I try to make it just as fun for my family. That is why I am always on the lookout for St. Patricks Day deals to make the day even more fun! Right now Amazon is has some great St.Patrick's Day items at a great deal!   … [Read more...]

Personalized St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts just $2 (+Shipping)


St. Patrick's Day is coming and Vistaprint wants to help you dress in style with their awesome St. Patrick's Day T-Shirts now just $2 + Shipping! - Shipping was just $4.41 for me so just $6.61 for a customized St. Patricks Day Tee!! … [Read more...]

Disney’s Prep & Landing Review!

DisneyPrep & Landing Howwould you feel if you worked at your job for 227 years and you arefinally expected to receive a promotion but it is given to someoneelse! That is exactly what happens to Elf Wayne in this new Disneyhit Prep & Landing! Disneymakes awesome films but I am sure I don't have to tell you that! Prep & Landing is no exception as you will fall in love with Wayne andLanny! They are two elves who are paired together for a specialmission but one of them is NOT happy to be on the mission with theother! Will they be able to succeed? You will have to watch and see! Onthe Back Disneypresents Prep & Landing, a spirited comic adventure, bound tobecome a holiday tradition at your home for years to come –complete with two bonus stocking stuffer shorts! OnChristmas Eve, a high-tech team of elves from an elite unite known asPrep & Landing ensures homes around the world are prepared forSanta's visit. But after working tirelessly for 227 years an … [Read more...]

Ornaments with Love Review!

Ornaments with Love Each year I am on the look out for the perfect Christmas Ornament that will fit with my daughter and the year that she had. This year Idecided that a gymnastics ornament would be the most fitting as inJanuary of 2011 she started gymnastics and loves it! She looks forward to learning and growing each week as she meets with her gymnastic friends. The one place that I always turn when I am on the lookout for an ornament is Ornaments with Love! I know that when I make an order from them Iwill not be disappointed with the quality and they will also go astep further than other places and they will personalize the ornamentwith my daughters name as well as the year! Last year you might remember my review of their first day of school ornament that was even customized with the date of her very first day of school! There are so many ornaments to choose from when you visit Ornaments with Love! Some of my other favs include Daddy and Me, Wedding, Ballet,Arts and Crafts … [Read more...]

Santa’s Magical Stories review!

Santa'sMagical Stories WhenI was a child we always had family time each time we came across aChristmas Classic on the t.v. These delightful shows will forevermake me think of my Mom who always loved to cuddle on the couch witheach of us kids to watch The Year Without a Santa Claus, Jack Frost,or How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Nowthat I am older I am so blessed to continue on the tradition with myfamily! And to make it even better Warner Brothers have made thingseasier as they have now combined those three Christmas classics onone easy access DVD!  On the Back  Dr.Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas- From animation legend Chuck Jonescomes one of the best holiday cartoons of all time, adapting the Dr.Seuss story and starring Boris Karloff as the voice of you-know-Who.Also includes: The Leprechauns Christmas Gold and Pinocchio'sChristmas The Year Without a Santa Claus Deluxe Edition – When Santa decides toretire one Christmas, Mrs. Claus takes action. Baby New Year … [Read more...]

Frosty’s Winter Wonderland Review!

Frosty'sWinter Wonderland Inmy opinion the best wintery character of all time is Frosty the Snowman! What child does not dream of making their snow creation comealive just by placing a magical hat on their head! I know that mybrothers and I spent many winter days building our very own frosty!Something I still like to do now with my own daughter! Frosty's Winter Wonderland is a brilliant story that I remember from mychildhood. In this classic Frosty is not alone any longer! Thechildren have found him a Mrs. Frosty but of course with Jack Frostaround nothing can be as simple as they children and Frosty hadhoped! Will Frosty and his Bride be able to live happily ever after?You will have to watch and see! OnThe Back AndyGriffith, Shelley Winters and Jackie Vernon lend their voices to thiscaptivating cartoon about the Snowman's winter return to the childrenof a small town for a winter season of fun and games. But he's lonelyat night when left by himself. So the grateful … [Read more...]

The Littlest Angel Review and Giveaway!

TheLittlest Angel Upliftingto the point of tears (in a good way)! Yep! I cried at the end ofthis movie! That is how amazing it was! The Littlest Angel is a children's classic although until I seen that onthe DVD case I did not know it! I had never before heard of thismagnificent story. The Littlest Angel is about a sweet Angel who just seems to get into moremischief than he anticipates. He is trying to be a good Angel andplease his peers but at the same time he is missing his life on home!But, why, when he lives in the most amazing place ever (Heaven) doeshe miss his earthy things? Takea trip with The Littlest Angel as he does the unthinkable! He goes toEarth without permission to recover what was once his! But, as hequickly realizes things on Earth are very different then they are inHeaven and he finds himself in an unthinkable situation! Youwill be carried away with the story about The Littlest Angel. Notjust because he himself is so loveable but … [Read more...]

Happiness Is…Peanuts Snow Days: An All-New Collection Review and Giveaway!

HappinessIs...Peanuts SnowDays: An All-New Collection CharlieBrown is a favorite in my home. It is a cartoon that not only I lovedas a child but my Husband loved as well so we both enjoy watching ourchildhood favorite with our little girl now! Snow Days is a cute cartoon and one that I remembered well from being akid. The characters are classics that will live in my heart forever! Onthe Back Thenewest collection of Peanuts stories celebrates everyone's favoritething about a long, chilly winter: snow days! Peppermint Patty trainsfor a figure-skating competition and Snoopy is her tough coach andcrafty costume designer in the TV special She's a Good Skate, CharlieBrown. The smiles continue with an episode of The Charlie Brown &Snoopy Show featuring three short tales: The Play, Sweet Babboo! AndSnoopy's Story. Charlie Brown reflects on Christmas past while Sallyprepares for Valentine's Day and Patty writes an award-winning essayabout Snoopy. It may be cold outside, … [Read more...]

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Review!

'Twasthe Night Before Christmas Ican't believe that Christmas is almost here! But I must admit that Iam happy it is! Such a special time of year AND I get to watch someof my all time favorite movies! 'Twas the Night Before Christmas is a movie that was first introduced to melast Christmas! I remember thinking that I could not believe that Ihad never before seen such an adorable cartoon! TheOld Christmas Classics are my favorite and that is just what 'Twasthe Night Before Christmas is! The story is about a mouse family whois trying to find a way to have Santa remember them again! Do youthink that working hard and coming up with a plan is enough to saveChristmas? Or will One Little Mouse ruin it all for everyone? Youwill have to watch 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to find out! Onthe Back Forsome unexplained reason, letters to Santa Claus are being returned tothe children of Junctionville. It seems some resident has angered St.Nick by calling him “a fraudulent … [Read more...]

Celebrate with Dora Box Set Review!

Celebratewith Dora BoxSet Asmy daughter gets older it seems that she is growing out of more andmore cartoons. But, one cartoon that I am proud to say she stillwatches day to day is Dora! RecentlyI was able to review a Celebrate with Dora Box Set containing threefun Dora DVD's! Dora's Halloween, Dora's Big Birthday Adventure andDora's Christmas are three DVD's that are sure to please this holidayseason! Plus there are 11 cartoons in all! Wahoo! Dora'sHalloween Boo! OnHalloween, Dora and Boots discover a trick-or-treater who doesn'tneed a costume – Little Monster! Help them bring him home to theMonster House before the clock strikes 12. TheMissing Piece Thewizard in Dora's puzzle can't do magic without his magic wand puzzlepiece! Dora and Boots need your help to journey to the end of therainbow to find that missing piece! Tothe Monkey Bars Dorawant's to climb the monkey bars, so she and Boots head to Play Parkto give it a try. Help her march over Troll … [Read more...]

Thomas Kinkade Presents: Christmas Lodge Review and Giveaway!

ThomasKinkade Presents: Christmas Lodge Iam a lover of Christmas Movies! I was thrilled this year when I seenthat Hallmark had them on TV as soon as November 1strolled around! I was also thrilled that this year I not only had thechildrens Christmas movies to review but I got an amazing upliftingone for myself as well! Popthe Popcorn the kids were in school! It was a ME day! Wahoo! Iwas able to review Thomas Kinkade Presents: Christmas Lodge the otherday! I could not wait for this movie because I knew that it would bea perfect movie for a cold winters day while the kids were at schooland hubby at work! Boy was I right! This movie was wonderful! Ilove the uplifting nature to Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Lodge! Therewas mumbo jumbo thrown in to up the story line! It was just a goodwholesome movie that I enjoyed very, very much! Onthe Back ThomasKinkade presents Christmas Lodge: a place where a heart-warming pastand loving furture meet for one remarkable … [Read more...]

Barney: Holiday Favorites Review!

Barney:Holiday Favorites Youall know just how much I love Christmas Themed Movies! The kids and Ihave been able to enjoy a lot of them recently and one ( wellactually three ) of them we were able to watch was Barney's HolidayFavorites! ThisBox Set contains three Barney Christmas Classics! There is even one(Frosty Friends) which includes other fun characters like Thomas andBob the Builder as well! Wahoo! Barney'sHoliday Favorites is full of education! Your children will be able tolearn the true meaning of Christmas and what it really means to give!Love it! Onthe Back Barney:Night Before Christmas Barneyand his friends spend the most wonderful time of the year on amagical journey to the North Pole as very special guests at Santa'sworkshop. With music in the air and laughter everywhere, it's a dreamcome true as Santa unveils a holiday treat- his secret toys forChristmas. Barney:Christmas Star 'Tisthe season to be jolly with Barney and his friends! The … [Read more...]