Bringing Christ Back To Christmas with Little Lamb + Printable!

** I was sent a product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way!

Bringing Christ Back To Christmas with Little Lamb!


The first year that Elf on the Shelf was introduced I fell in love. I loved bringing some Christmas magic into my home and seeing my daughters face light up when the elf would move around our home. However, it seems that over the years the Elf on the Shelf idea has went from something cute and fun to something that is causing trouble. I feel that the antics I am seeing around Pinterest are not at all doing the things that would make the holiday and a child’s behavior better but only showing children what NOT to do! This is NOT something I want to instill into my children. That is why for the past few years our Elf has been doing kind things like baking us cupcakes, placing our nativities around our home and reading scriptures. But I still felt that was not enough.

Recently I was sent a package from Deseret Book containing a kit called The Little Lamb from Bethlehem. Imagine my surprise to see something that I could introduce to my children that has the same magic as the Elf but will keep my children centered on Christ.


I love this concept of Little Lamb from Bethlehem not only because of the focus on our Savior Jesus Christ but also because the children can hold and cuddle the adorable Little Lamb that comes with the book. There is no worry about “losing Christmas Magic” or dealing with crazy antics that should not be talking place in your home. Everything is centered around the true meaning of Christmas. The birth of Christ, giving service, loving others, peace on earth and happiness. The book is also filled with bright colored pages and the true story of why we have Christmas. I also love that each page has scriptures you can read with your family to reference what is being taught in this book. The book also comes with ideas (some of them featured in my printable) that you can do with your family to keep your holiday centered on the birth of Jesus Christ.


To go along with this cute Little Lamb and book I also came up with a printable that I thought would be fun for your kids to take action this Holiday Season. Each Little Lamb can be cut out and placed with the Lamb around your home or can be drawn from a hat. Whatever you choose. But each Lamb contains an idea to help focus more on Jesus Christ this season. Some of the ideas include giving service, spending time with family or learning things about Jesus Christ and his birth. I love that I finally have something in my home to bring the focus back where it should be. Back to Jesus Christ and his birth. He is the true meaning for this season!


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