Baby Girl is 2 Months + My Formula for Happiness!

Baby Girl is 2 Months + My Formula for Happiness!


My baby girl just turned 2 months old. She is such a joy and blessing to our little family and I am so happy to be her Momma! As some of you might have read my little has not been putting on the weight that she is supposed to put on. She was born a whopping 9lbs 6.6 oz and now that she is 2 months old she weighs in at 10 lbs 5 oz. Not even a full pound has been gained. After several doctors appointments and such we have learned that there is nothing medically wrong with her. Her doctor feels that genetics are just kicking in and she is not meant to be a big baby. She is just growing at a slower rate and because of this we have been supplementing a bottle or two a day to help her get some extra calories and to ensure that she is eating enough. For her supplemented bottles I have turned to the #formulaforhappiness initiative by Gerber® with their all new Non-GMO Infant formula.


My husband loves giving her a bottle before bed at night. He loves being able to spend some quality time with her when he is feeding her and she has been getting into the routine of a bottle, bedtime story and a massage with lavender lotions. With this routine she has been sleeping a full 5 hours at night which is wonderful! Plus she wakes up super happy and is nothing but smiles for the first few hours of the day. It is such a great way to start each of my days. It puts me on the right track and in a positive mood for the rest of the day.



Why Gerber®? Now their Good Start® Infant Formulas are all Non-GMO and are not made with any genetically engineered ingredients. There  is no reason to believe that Non-GMO products are healthier than other products but I’m glad that Gerber® Good Start® has made this change to keep up with evolving preferences of formula to help keep parents like me comforted.

FYI The following Gerber® Good Start® products are not made with genetically engineered ingredients:

• Stage 1 Gerber®Good Start®Gentle powder formula
• Stage 1 Gerber®Good Start®Gentle ready to feed formula (nurser & tetra)
• Stage 1 Gerber®Good Start® Gentle concentrate formula
• Stage 1 Gerber®Good Start®Gentle for Supplementing formula
• Stage 1 Gerber®Good Start®Soothe formula
• Stage 1 Gerber®Good Start® Soy powder formula
• Stage 1 Gerber®Good Start®Soy ready to feed formula (nurser & tetra)
• Stage 1 Gerber®Good Start®Soy concentrate formula
• Stage 2 Gerber®Good Start®Gentle powder formula
• Stage 2 Gerber®Good Start®Soothe formula
• Stage 3 Gerber®Good Start®Grow Toddler Drink
• Stage 3 Gerber®Good Start®Soy Infant and Toddler formula


I love getting to spend my day’s with both of my girls. I love watching them together and I am so blessed to be able to home school my 10 year old and have her home to make memories with her new baby sister. She loves reading to the baby and teaching her about the things she is learning in school. It is wonderful to spend my days with them and I honestly could not ask for more.



My #formulaforhappiness is defiantly my girls. I can’t get enough of their smiles and giggles.

What about you? How do you feel about Gerber® Good Start®  Non-GMO initiative and what is your #formulaforhappiness?




  1. Dorothy Boucher says:

    she is beautiful!

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    Sounds like an awesome brand of formula. I don;t think this was out when my kids were babies, but I would have tried it if it had been.

  3. I love that Gerber has made the move to non-GMO! Baby’s have such sensitive systems. There’s no need to put manufactured junk in their bodies!

  4. Your baby is so adorable! It’s good to know that Gerber is taking steps to improve their products. I gave this to my kids when they were babies.

  5. What a precious girl! My girls are 11 years apart, so I get that dynamic you are living. They will be great friends, I am sure! We LOVED the Gerber formula when the kids were babies.

  6. She’s a doll! I especially love that colorful dress! Looks just like Rainbow Brite! 😀

  7. I definitely love Gerber products for my baby, he is 2.5 now, so now we get the purees not the formula, but this is greta to keep in mind for my second one 🙂

  8. She is so beautiful! I believe I used Gerber with both of my children. My youngest is allergic to milk, so she had to have the soy based Gerber formula.

  9. What an absolute cutie! I love that Gerber has so many options!

  10. What an adorable baby. Formula sounds great.

  11. She is super cute! Gerber always has really great products.

  12. Aww, she is adorable! Doesn’t the time just fly by. It probably feels like she was just born yesterday. Looks your doing a great job mama.

  13. she is adorable. i am in love with her little outfits. they are soo cute.

  14. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Very adorable!~ Happy 2 months to her, and congrats on a healthy little girl.

  15. Becca Wilson says:

    We also loved the Gerber brand when my little ones were on formula! They seemed to be less gassy and just a lot more happy in general.

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