Double Dip on Savings when you purchase Gift Cards at Kroger!


Double Dip on Savings when you purchase Gift Cards at Kroger!

Shopping for loved ones can be hard. Especially the tweens in your life. This year I have a few tweens to buy for and I can’t come up with anything except gift cards. I know that each of them are saving up money for things they want that cost too much for me to purchase alone. So luckily I can purchase a few prepaid debit cards and help them earn the money they need for the purchases they want. It is a win, win for everyone and takes the hassle out of my Christmas shopping!

This year these tweens are getting Gift Cards!

Did you know that when you purchase gift cards before you do your holiday shopping you can actually save even more money by using them like cash? From now until December 8, 2015 you can double dip on savings when purchase gift cards and shop at your local Kroger grocery store. Savings up to 12% will help you have more cash flow this holiday season.
Here’s How:
Right now Kroger is offering up 4x the fuel points when you purchase gift cards. Plus you can earn points, miles or even cash back when you use your favorite rewards credit cards to purchase gift cards. That is like double dipping on the savings! But to take advantage of this deal you better hurry! Offer dates are 11/18-12/8 and time is going fast! Remember that the gift card purchases must be at your local Kroger Grocery Store for the 4x fuel points! Plus all the gift cards are included in this deal except for the Kroger gift cards! Take advantage now and purchase prepaid debit cards, wireless cards and more.

Everyone loves gift cards!

More tips on saving:
 – Purchase these gift cards at a discount before your black Friday shopping.
– Don’t forget to bring along coupons to score even more savings.
– Pair your gift cards with other items to make a personalized gift basket for your loved one. For example a gift card to a movie theater paired with popcorn and candy!

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