Candy Corn Inspired “BOOing” Kit with Hershey!

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Candy Corn Inspired “BOOing” Kit with Hershey!


One of my most favorite things about Halloween is the tradition my daughter and I have of going out and “BOOing” our loved ones. Each year we try to put together a fun kit that we can leave on the doorsteps of our loved ones to surprise them. None of them know that it is us and it is fun to know that we are leaving smiles on the faces of those who mean the most to us. This year my daughter and I came up with an idea to decorate party hats to look like Candy Corn. We thought these would be a perfect item to fill up with Hershey’s candy from Walmart and leave hanging on the doors of our friends and family. As soon as we came up with the idea we headed over to our local Walmart and picked up some Big Bags of Hershey’s candy, party hats, Crepe Paper and glue. We could not wait to get started on these!


The day after we made them we loaded up all of our Candy Corn “BOOing” kits and hit the town. We left so many “BOOing” kits on doorsteps. It was fantastic!


Items Needed:

Big Bag of Hershey’s Candy (any variety package will do!)

Party Hats

Orange, White and Yellow Crepe Paper

Bottle of Glue



1. Spread some glue along the tip of the party hat.

2. Begin to wrap the white Crepe paper around the tip of the hat. Layer until you can’t see any of the color through the Crepe paper.

3. Spread some glue along the middle of the hat.

4. Wrap the orange Crepe paper around the middle of the party hat. I found that cutting the crepe paper into smaller strips made this easier to layer and also to wrap around the party hat.

5. Place more glue and layer a second row of orange streamer paper around party hat.

6. Place glue over rest of party hat.

7. Layer 1-2 rows of yellow crepe paper.

** Note: When the glue was wet I could see some of the party hat color through the crepe paper. But as it dried the color went away. You will not need to over due the layers of crepe paper. Only 2-4 layers will work! It just depends on how many layers it takes to get your desired effect.






I love how these turned out. It was so nice to have such a large variety of candy in the Hershey’s Big Bags. Plus the big bags of candy was enough to fill all the party hats! Easy Peasy!


Ribbet collagedone



Holiday’s are a great time of year to get involved with your kids and loved ones. If you have never thought of “BOOing” before then I highly recommend it! It is wonderful to be able to partner with Hershey’s and put a smile on faces of those whom I love. Plus the craft time spent with my daughter is priceless!


Have you ever “BOOed”  your loved ones?




  1. mary gallardo says:

    This is the cutest! It would be a great idea for parties!

  2. This is such a charming idea! I wish someone would leave a surprise like this on my doorstep! LOL. What a fun treat!

  3. This is a terrific idea and so easy to do! You could do a similar craft in different colors for other holidays, too. BTW, in other parts of the country, they call it “ghosting” when you leave candy at the door anonymously.

  4. This is such a cute idea. Love it. My kids would have a lot of fun making this.

  5. I love how easy crafts can be. They are always fun to put together and a great way to do things with the kids.

  6. I have never Booed someone but what a great idea. This is a great tradition you have.

  7. What a cute boo basket idea!! I have not been booed or booed any one but it looks like so much fun to spread Halloween fun!

  8. This is super adorable. I would love to make one of these for my door. It’s perfect for the type of place we just moved to, this is what we need! So cute.

  9. That is such a great idea! My girls would have a lot of fun making these. That would be a great surprise to come to see that on my door. How neat!

  10. This crafts is so cute. I also love hershey’s chocolates. What a nice idea, i should try this one.

  11. Ok now that is just cute! What a creative way to make something! The craft is easy enough for my kiddo to make it on his own! We are always looking for projects.

  12. That is super cute! The kids and I will have loads of fun making this.

  13. This is a fantastic idea. I will have to get the supplies i need to make some of these on the weekend with my kids.

  14. That looks great! I love the idea of “Booing”!

  15. LOVE this idea! I have extra party hats laying around that this would be PERFECT for, plus hanging on the door? Yes, please! Great way to showcase that Hershey’s also! 😉 Save me some Reese’s! #client

  16. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says:

    Kids get candy from lots of people when they go tick-or-treating, so you’ve really got to make it special if you’re going to give them some yourself!

  17. What a fun idea for Halloween. I’ve never heard of Booing but I bet all the kids will love your candy corn booing kit!

  18. What a wonderful idea for the kids! I love how creative you were with the candy corns!

  19. What a great idea! So cute, my kids would love these.

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