Five Great Ideas for Tidying your Crafting Space

Five Great Ideas for Tidying your Crafting Space


In the midst of creating projects for your home, family, and friends, it can be easy to let your crafting area get cluttered and disorganized. While crafters tend to fall somewhere along the spectrum of “all artists are messy” to “a clean space is a happy space”, there are some definite advantages to having your supplies organized and workspace clear. For one thing, you’ll be ready to go when you get a last minute note about the decorations that the PTA wants for an activity TONIGHT! You’ll also find that a tidy workspace gives you a better chance to see what your supplies are and what you need to restock.

The following infographic gives you five fun and creative ways to stash your tools and sort your scraps. With tips for keeping your scissors out of the ribbons and your crayons away from your fabrics, most of the ideas can be completed using items you might already have available. You might discover that it is as fun to create an organized workspace as it is to make seasonal home décor. After tidying up your crafting table or room, it will be much easier to get started on those projects that you’ve been putting off. Maybe you’ll even feel inspired to craft up some organizational and storage solutions to other problem areas in your home!

5 Clever Crafting Storage Ideas


  1. I like the wine cork spools! Very clever.

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