Meet My Dog and Learn About Why I Am Making A Switch In Her Pet Food!

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 Meet My Dog and Learn About Why I Am Making A Switch In Her Pet Food!

Almost 10 years ago exactly I was preparing my house and getting it ready to host a birthday party for my Dad. As the day went on I caught myself looking out the window at a dog that had wondered into my yard and would not leave. She was just a very young puppy. I thought that she would wonder off or her owner would soon come looking for her so I sat out a little food and water and waited. As the hours passed I realized that she was not going to leave so I called the local dog catcher to see if anyone was looking for her. She took my number and let me know that she would contact me if someone called her looking for this beautiful puppy.

That night I took her inside and decided that if she was not claimed then I would give her a home. After getting her inside I discovered that she was blind in one eye, had scars on her head and was covered in ticks. It was very sad….

The next morning I called my Grandmother and she helped me remove the ticks and take care of cleaning the wounds. As the weeks past I realized that whom ever owned her before was not going to come looking for her. So after talking it over with my husband we decided to give her a home.

On that day almost 10 years ago my dog became like another child to us. She is a best friend to everyone in my family. Especially to my daughter who was born the same year as my beautiful dog. It has been wonderful seeing them grow up together and I am so glad that they came into my life. When it comes to my special friend I want to make sure that I am always giving her the best. It is important for me to eat healthy and keep myself fit…well the same thing goes for our beloved pets.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about the food that I feed my dog. She is still wants to be very active and acts like a puppy in a lot of ways and I want to keep her that way. But, as the years go by I am noticing that her body does not want to keep up with her as much as her mind does. That is why I have decided to make a switch in the food that I have been feeding her.

As I research foods for my dog I have realized more and more that Iams Visible Differences is the way to go. Iams believes in superior quality ingredients and has 60 years of research to back up their findings. I know that when my dog eats better she will feel better…and look better too! Just like you or I can look and feel based off the things that we eat.

I have read that owners who have made the switch in their dogs food to Iams quality dog food have noticed improvement in their pets coats, health and energy levels. This sounds like a win, win to me. I love my dog and I want to make sure that I am giving her the best that I can. She can’t go out and make the right choices for herself. She is relying on me to do that for her!  


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  1. What a great ” this is how we got you” story! It breaks my heart to think that people would not take care of a puppy.
    Sounds like she got the best home anyways 🙂

  2. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I have always heard great things about this brand. I hope things work out with her new food.

  3. My daughter tried Iams for her dog who has allergy problems. I don’t know if she is still using it or not but she seemed to like it.

  4. We took in a dog about five years ago and she is definitely part of the family, as well. It is clear that she is loved and I hope the food helps keep her lively and an active part of the family!

  5. We have a turtle and I read the labels to find the best food for him.

  6. Thats quite a story.. it was so kind of your grandmother to help remove the ticks. This is a great Brand of Dog Food .. we should always get the best for our Pets since they do so much for us.

  7. Thanks for the coupon! IAMS is a great product. I am really icky about what my pet eats!

  8. Its so important to know what goes into your dog’s food. Such a sweet story too, I’m glad your dog picked you 🙂

  9. Yay for coupons! IAMS is a great company, its important to feed your dog good quality food. Your dog is lucky to have such a happy home!

  10. What a great story, sadly too many dogs and cats are abandoned when it turn out they have health issues. We have a sick pet right now and it’s crazy to even think about letting him go!

  11. Awww this is a sweet story. It’s funny how animals adopt us sometimes.

    I remember bringing home out chihuahua and I wasn’t thrilled. He was a tiny puppy and we already had a dog. I was content with one dog. Well I ended getting laid off about 4 months after we got him. Needless to say that dog converted me and has me wrapped around his paw.

    Now I have three fur babies. We adopted another puppy about a year ago.

  12. I have always heard that is a good brand too. Your doggie is a beauty .

  13. Iams quality dog food has a great reputation among pet owners. I am glad you are seeing a change in your precious pet.

  14. Your dog is such a cutie! We recently switched our dog foods as well.

  15. I have just switched brands too! My dogs seem constipated, so I’m keeping an eye on them!

  16. What a beautiful dog!! I’ve always heard good things about Iams!

  17. Your dog is adorable. Its nice your finding ways to keep her healthy.

  18. Your fur baby is so darn cute! I hope the new food makes her feel great!

  19. Lee McKeon says:

    Great story and great looking dog!

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