Snowman Cookies


Snowman Cookies

We have been snowing for the past few days here in the Colorado mountains. It is a beautiful sight. The only down fall to this white falling from the sky is the bitter cold. We have not been spending much time outside recently which has given us more time for indoor fun. Recently I was able to make some fun Snowman Cookies with my daughter!

Snowman Cookies



1 Package Oreo Cookies

½ lb. Almond Bark or Candy coating

¼ cup Regular Chocolate Chips

¼ cup Mini Chocolate Chips

¼ cup Candy Corn

in process 1 (1)


Melt the Almond bark in the microwave in a small bowl. I usually do 60, 30 and then 15 second

increments stirring between each until smooth.

Place an Oreo in the melted Almond bark. Flip it using a large fork. Ensure the cookie is completely

coated. Keeping the fork tines level, gently tap the handle of the fork on the rim of the bowl. Use a

straight up and down motion so the cookie doesn’t slide off of the fork. This will give a nice smooth

coating on top of the cookie. Place the cookie on a piece of wax or parchment paper.

To build the face start with the nose. Place a Candy corn right in the middle of the cookie.

Next, two regular Chocolate Chips, pointy end down, for the eyes just above the Candy corn.

Now, place 6 Mini Chocolate Chips beneath the Candy corn to make a smile.

Let cool and set at least 20 minutes.

Store in an airtight container.

Snowmen Cookies


Snowmen Cookies


Snowmen Cookies


These cookies are not only amazingly tasty but they are also so fun to make. The kids found them easy and super fun! Great snack idea for those bitter cold snow days! Pair these Snowmen Cookies with a cup of hot cocoa and you got a hit! Enjoy!


  1. These are so cute! I am making them!

  2. Super cute idea!

  3. OMG! These are sooo cute! My little brother LOVES oreos. Even though he is 17 he is a big kid he will definitely try this. Thanks!

  4. These are so ridiculously cute! I cannot wait to make them with my son 🙂

  5. OMG I love these. My son would go nuts for this thank you for sharing.

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Those are the cutest thing ever. I love how they came out.

  7. Oh my goodness these are so cute and they look so yummy. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  8. We love making dipped cookies (or Ritz crackers) each year. Other than sprinkles, never decorated this nicely though!

  9. Nice and easy to follow.. they are very cute!

  10. These would be so cute for neighbor treats! My kids would love decorating the faces!

  11. These cookies will be the talk of any party. Super cute!

  12. They are cute and delicious all at the same time! I would not mind taking a bite..

  13. These little snowmen are so cute…and the recipe seems really easy. I think I could do this!

  14. Those look so amazingly delicious and cute.. I am ready to eat one.

  15. Super cute and super easy – two of my favourite things! We are totally making these. Maybe some will even make it to a Christmas gathering (but don’t count on it, lol!).

  16. these are “snow” cute! I invite you to share them at my blog hop and on my Christmas Cookie Linky too. Hugs!

  17. Cute! I pinned this- so simple but clever!

  18. Those are super cute! I will have to try my hand at making them soon.

  19. These are super cute. I need to make something with my kids. I feel like baking even though I will probably regret it later.

  20. These look so yummy!

  21. Okay these are so cute. I totally wish that I could make something like this. I am going to totally give it a try.

  22. It definitely feels like these are appropriate in my neck of the woods now…they look fantastic! great post!

  23. those are so cute! love it!!! i will have to try making that with my girls.

  24. Aw, they’re super cute and very easy to make too. These would be great to take to the classroom, or even make in the classroom!

  25. These are so cute. I will have to try and make them.

  26. Those are so easy to make and so kid friendly. Very, very cute!

  27. Wow, this looks so cute, yummy & delicious! Can’t wait to eat this snowman cookies. Thanks for the recipe. I am going to try this for my kids.

  28. Oh my gosh, these cookies are so cute! And they really are not that hard to make! 🙂

  29. OMG, this sounds super easy and absolutely delicious! I should try this with my son. I’ll have to find a different type of cookie though because the cream makes him sick. He’s allergic to dairy and while regular cookies don’t usually bother him, the cream in the oreos definitely would. Great idea though.

  30. Melissa Smith says:

    Those are so cute! Not to mention a great way to use up leftover candy corn.

  31. These are too cute. My daughter’s school would love these

  32. Eliz Frank says:

    They look adorable and delicious… I’ll take three. 😉

  33. These look adorable. How fun and festive. The kids are sure to love it!

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