My October GlossyBox Subscription!

** I received a GlossyBox for the purpose of this post.

My October GlossyBox Subscription!


Have you signed up for GlossyBox yet? I just got another box in the mail! Each time they arrive I get more and more excited! There is always so many awesome products!


This month I was excited to try out the Sesha Skin Therapy! I know I was probably scary to look at..but it made my skin feel amazing! I got to relax with this mask on my face for 15 mintues! When I took it off my skin was glowing!


Another fun product I got to try out was the Tarte’s Power Pigment! It was great! I love the shade and it makes my lips look so full and shimmery! 


These were just two of the great products I got to try with GlossyBox! If you have not yet signed up for the monthly subscription then I suggest you do so today!


Every month you will get a minimum of 5 awesome beauty products for just $18 – $30 (depending on how many months you purchase up front)


  1. Jenna Wood says:

    I think Glossyboxes make great gifts for the beauty obsessed. It’s neat that you got to pamper yourself a little with the mask!

  2. Very cool subscription box! I haven’t tried one of those Beauty masks, but I really want to! It seems like since I first saw them years ago, they’ve really picked up in popularity. Very cool and less messy then a traditional mask.

  3. This is pretty awesome. I had no idea there was a new thing like Birch box. Love it.

  4. I have not personally tried Glossy Box yet – looks like you got a lot of nice items! Yes that mask is a bit scary lol but hey if it works that is great!

  5. I have really been considering a Glossy Box subscription. I get several beauty boxes every month and they totally spoil me!

  6. Glossy Box looks so fun! I would love a subscription for Christmas. The Tarte pigment is so beautiful. What is the name of that shade?

  7. I had not heard of Glossy Box. Looks like a great service. Hmm, something for my hubby to put on his Xmas list for me.

  8. Glossy box looks like a great subscription. I love beauty masks, they’re so relaxing.

  9. I’ve not tried GlossyBox but I don’t wear make up so it probably would not be of value to me. I do love that lip color on you – it’s a beautiful shade.

  10. Wow, I really like the Tarte pigment. It looks great with your skin too!

  11. This looks really cool. I want a Glossy Box for myself! The face mask looks so unique and that would be my favorite item in the box.

  12. What a great subscription box. I want to order one! FUN!

  13. Great subscription box filled with so many goodies! The lipstick looks amazing.

  14. My daughters would love this. A new surprise every month with new stuff for them to try out!

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