Christmas Elf Idea – Day #1

** I was provided with a Magic Elf for the purpose of this post.

Christmas Elf Idea – Day #1




It’s that time of year again! Time to break out your Christmas Elfs! Don’t forget that Elf Magic is a great place to get your elf! Your child can write a letter to request their very own!

With that being said…check out what my daughters elf was doing this morning! Reading one of her books! We can’t wait for Christmas and we can’t wait to see what crazy things her magic elf comes up with this year!



  1. This will be the first year I get our elf out and use it with our little one. I’m excited to start the elf tradition.

  2. I like the Elf tradition, a lot of our friends do it every year. I did not know it starts so early! Our daughter is too little for it but should be just about the right age next year so looking forward to that! I do think that the parents enjoy it as much if not more than the kids sometimes 🙂

  3. Looks fun! I love the holidays!

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