I Love Living In Colorful Colorado!

I Love Living In Colorful Colorado!


Colorado is so beautiful this time of year. This past weekend I was able to spend some time in the mountains with my family. Check out some of the beautiful colors that we were able to see!


The drive up the mountain was simply beautiful! My family and I had never been up this mountain before so everything was new to us. It was stunning!

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There was moss blanketing many of the rocks.


One of the last days for this little flower. As of today that mountain flower is covered in snow…….


Even the grass is changing colors for fall…..


The Yellow colors were breathtaking


My Mom was also taking pictures of the stunning colors.



The kids had a blast running all over the mountain.

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Morning dew was gathered on many of the fallen leaves.

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So many beautiful colors! I love you Colorado!

Do you enjoy looking at fall colors?


  1. Your photos are really gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. We don’t see much of trees changing where I live.

  2. Colorado is gorgeous. I have always wanted to visit family there.

  3. I haven’t been there before but I need to one day, beautiful!! You have some gorgeous photos here!

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I always say the same thing about New England. We have many of the same fall colors!

  5. Colorado is by far one of the most gorgeous states that I have been to. Thanks for sharing your photos and time with us, it was like taking a virtual field trip!

  6. Stephanie says:

    These are very pretty pictures!

  7. Wow. I mean wow. These pictures are amazing. I knew Colorado was gorgeous in the fall, but these pictures are crazy awesome!

  8. These photos are stunning! My brother is currently living in Colorado and is always talking about how beautiful it is. I’m thinking I need to visit now!

  9. These are just about the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. You’ve got an amazing eye.

  10. Simply beautiful. I’ve never been to Colorado, but I really want to after seeing these great pictures.

  11. Jenna Wood says:

    I miss living in Rhode Island, where the leaves changed every Fall. Here, the palm trees just get a little sad looking!

  12. Wow, the leaves are so stunning! Around here the leaves don’t change too much, so I always get jealous seeing pictures like these.

  13. That is just beautiful scenery! The colors are all so vibrant!

  14. Very pretty! Looks similar to us here in New England!

  15. YUP! Love Fall! It’s my favorite! it’s all about the colors, the veggies and the crisp clean air! Love it!

  16. Beautiful photos for the start of fall. Some of those look like paintings they’re so pretty!

  17. Wow mother nature sure did a great job in Colorado. I love all the colors.

  18. I guess that’s one of the few things great about living in an area that has seasons – you get all the wonderful colors of the fall.

  19. I absolutely love the autumn colors and the gorgeous sites in Colorado! That is often how the mountains where I grew up look. I miss it!

  20. I wish our seasons were that dramatic. I would love to visit your area, it is absolutely beautiful.

  21. Jennifer Williams says:

    I have a friend that lives there and I live in Idaho. We are constantly sending photos back and forth trying to out do each other with the beautiful colors of fall. Your photos are beautiful, I would love to go hiking there.

  22. What beautiful images! I wish we had seasons in Florida. You are blessed!

  23. how beautiful! We don’t have noticeable seasonal changes like this in Katy TX, so I would love to experience these views

  24. Gorgeous pictures! I love the contrast of colors between the bright blue skies and the yellow-leafed trees 🙂

  25. Gorgeous! There is a dance we could deb moving there next year! I wouldn’t mind one bit!

  26. eliz frank says:

    Your pictures are beautiful and you do live in a gorgeous state. I’ve been there a few times, and the sky is always blue and the air crisp…

  27. I have friends who live in Colorado and was awe struck at how gorgeous it was when we went for a visit! The colors are amazing. Here in the SW desert, everything is so brown.

  28. katrina g says:

    so beautiful. i love colorado. I spent 2 summers there when i was a kid.

  29. absolutely beautiful photos. i have always wanted to visit colorado because i have heard so many great things about it. Great post!

  30. We were in Colorado about 3 weeks ago. Sadly the leave hadn’t quite made the change to the beautiful colors in your photos, but it was still beautiful. Perfect weather – accept for the downpour of hail…but as they say “if you don’t like the weather in CO, just wait for a couple of hours, because it will change”!

    We try to go in late September every year, to visit family.

  31. I can tell from your post that Colorado does look beautiful this time of year. Your pictures are stunning!

  32. I absolutely love nature. I remember one year on the fourth of July, I saw the most stunning thing ever, and I wish I’d gotten it on camera! i had gone to a place where they were doing fireworks, but this was just before they started. The sun was setting behind me and to my left. Its rays spread across the sky, creating a beautiful red, orange, and yellow scene. Directly opposite the sun, in front of me and to my right, the moon was rising and was on the same level as the sun. That night it was full and a very very bright orange, almost as bright as the sun itself, okay so that’s an exaggeration but still… To complete the scene, on the ground beneath the moon was a lake on which it reflected. The reflection of the bright orange moon, the reflected rays from the sun being reproduced on the lake’s surface and spread out even more by the ripples, was absolutely amazing! I will forever keep that image in my head. It was amazing!

  33. I absolutely love looking at Fall colors! You took such beautiful photos too!

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