Fall 2014 Fashionista Event – $198 Coach Bag Giveaway – Worldwide! #FashionistaEvents

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Fall 2014 Fashionista Event – $198 Coach Bag Giveaway – Worldwide!






It’s that time of year again! The amazing Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event! WOOT WOOT! I love this event!!

This year at Heavenly Savings I have another COACH Tote to giveaway! This will be shipped worldwide to any winner over the age of 18!

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The Fall Fashionista Giveaway Event is hosted by The Chief Blonde at Still Blonde After All These Years http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com and Katy from  ModlyChichttp://www.modlychic.com/.  All Fashion! Only FASHION event! Largest Fashion Giveaway event on the internet with $26,000+ in prizes, 100+ participating blogs and 3/4 million entries. Each individual blog has a minimum of $125 prize!

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  1. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Oh my gosh in my bag is chaps-tick, tissue , wallet, gum, mints, change, and hair brush!

  2. Tammy Schweitzer says:

    I have too my address book , lipstick wallet & coupons pad & pen

  3. I always have chapstick and my phone, for sure!

  4. Pocket mirror, lipstick, phone, wallet, keys…

  5. Yvonne Woodstock says:

    In my handbag I usually have, breath mints, sunglasses, travel size bottle of mouthwash, lipstick, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner for touch ups, My Ipod Touch 4, an inkpen, my wallet, a travel size packet of Charmin Freshmate bathroom wet wipes, a travel size packet of Kleenex tissues, A Tide To Go pen.

  6. I always carry my phone, keys, wallet, gum, beauty kit (lip balm, band aids, mascara, concealer, mirror, lipstick, handcream) and tissues with me. Also often add an umbrella and a water bottle, my organizer, pen and maybe a granola bar!!

  7. Judy Thomas says:

    My bag has everything but the kitchen sink in it 🙂 Good luck everyone .

  8. Purse, scarf, tampons, phone, and keys.

  9. a sunglasses case, tissues and my makeup bag

  10. In my handbag are sunglasses, my wallet, Kleenex, lip balm, my cell phone, and aspirin.

  11. chrissy c says:

    I have lip gloss, a wallet, receipts, and gum in my handbag 🙂

  12. I always have my wallet, keys, personal hygiene items, kleenex, etc.

  13. Clint Odeza says:

    phone, tissue and my wallet

  14. steven weber says:

    the usual: sunglasses, chap stick, gum, mints.

  15. I’ve got the basics like wallet, keys, chapstick and phone. I also carry some medical items.

  16. Marti Tabora says:

    In my handbag is a wallet, checkbook, compact, gum, pepper spray, pen, chapstick and a flashlight. Everything I might need.

  17. I have a wallet, keys, and sunglasses in my handbag.

  18. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Wallet, keys, the usual…also lip balm. About 3 tubes so I am sure not to run out 🙂

  19. Wallet, keys, lipgloss, mini super hero figures, crayons, babywipes, etc.

  20. Istvánné Varsányi says:

    I have my wallet, tissue, keys, gum, my phone, papers and a pen.

  21. Brooke Adametz says:

    Keys, wallet, makeup, hand sanitizer, and quite a few random toys LOL

  22. Lauren Becker says:

    Keys, nail clipper, mints, etc.

  23. My wallet, my Burt’s Bess *can’t live without it*, a pen, kleenex and a lot of old receipts. I really need to clean it out!

  24. phone, keys, wallet, ipad mini, toys, candy, lip gloss etc

  25. Nicole Dz says:

    My eos lip balm, hand lotion, water bottle, phone, mints, snacks, compact, comb, charger, phone, a pen, and some random papers.

  26. Jennifer Hiles says:

    Haha, this could take all day! I’ll spare you and sum it up, nail clippers, check book, wallet, lip gloss, protein bar, grocery list, coupons, headphones, sunglasses, keys, chocolate, deodorant, pick… I could keep going. I have a big bag. 🙂

  27. BlackAsphodel says:

    Wallet, key on a keychain, mobile, tampons, umbrella.

  28. Wallet, keys, notebook, calendar, pens, toys, diapers, wipes…

  29. too much stuff in my purse–besides the normal stuff I have puppy treats, puppy pick up backs, tones of list of things to do

  30. Well, I’m a busy momma and a bit of a packrat so it’s more like what isn’t in my bag! Always my wallet, keys, chapstick, perfume roller and a pen.

  31. Sacha Schroeder says:

    Wallet, chap stick, lotion, body spray, kids stuff, notebook, pens, sometimes the whole house. 🙂

  32. The better question is what DON’T I carry in my purse

  33. Sara Theissen says:

    Wallet, makeup, pens, gum, hand lotion

  34. Natalie F says:

    I keep my wallet, chapstick, lotion, cell phone, and keys. :0 Great giveaway, thanks!

  35. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    In my handbag?
    Kleenex, antiseptic gel, wallet, phone and Tylenol.

  36. In my handbag you will find a bunch of coupons, my wallet, lipstick and my cell phone.

  37. my money, lipstick, keys, pen, cell phone, hair brush. My purse right now is quite small.

  38. Well; about 10 lip balms, sticks, glosses and the like, a pharmacy, my wallet, shopping bags, keys, moisturizer, phone, coupon folder, small kleenex pack, work security pass – I think that’s all but I bet there is more…

  39. Thank you for having your giveaway open to Canadians!

  40. Colleen Boudreau says:

    My phone, wallet, chap stick.

  41. make up keys wallet

  42. My wallet, sunglasses, keys, makeup, checkbook, nail file and tweezers.

  43. phone, keys, wallet, toys, medicine, diaper or 2, paper, pens and more

  44. amy pugmire says:

    My wallet, lip gloss, sunglasses and receipts.

  45. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    Keys,wallet,little makeup bag and one of those lint roller thingies

  46. cheryl hodgkins says:

    wallet, brush, lipstick, kleenex, cigarettes, lighter

  47. melanie borhi says:

    Lip gloss, deodorant, pink body spray

  48. Teresa Richards says:

    Keys, wallet, pen, chapstick, tylenol, tissue, 2 inhalers, glasses case, and a few receipts from grocery shopping. 🙂

  49. Elizabeth says:

    Currently in my purse I have my wallet, a notepad and pen, lip balm, keys, a few hair clips, a spare hairbrush, a compact mirror, and a whole bunch of movie ticket stubs that are pushed into a spare pocket and I forgot were there. 😉

  50. My coin purse, cards, glasses, writing tablet, phone, pen, lip balm, too many receipts, plastic bags for dog mess.

  51. Wallet and asthma inhaler and coupons and pens and a pad of paper.

  52. Jessica Pinkard says:

    I have kids, so everything is in my bag! Money, toys, pen, grocery list, etc.

  53. I have my wallet, Credit Cards Holder, Keys, pen, mints, Cell Phone and mini notebook

  54. Jessica Fortner says:

    Tissue, lip gloss, checkbook, hair tie, and my GPS 🙂

  55. My daughter’s items, phone, wallet, extra clothing for my daughter, etc.

  56. Alison Gibb says:

    To much stuff! In my bag, there is my wallet, keys, make-up, hand santizer, mail,etc

  57. I have a wallet, make up, checkbook, pens, hairspray and keys in my handbag.

  58. I carry my wallet, phone and tissues (and usually a pack of mints).
    Thank you!

  59. Heather Osgood says:

    Kleenix, pens, paper, lip gloss, wallet, cell phone, sunglasses & whatever else my kiddos throw in there!

  60. erin dear says:

    In my purse you would find keys, my cell phone, lipgloss, and kleenex.

  61. keys, wallet, check book, epi pen, pocket prayer book, ink pen, small note pad, assorted lip glosses, roller ball perfume, pocket knife and small flash light.

  62. Debbie Bray says:

    wallet, credit cards, chapstick, gum, comb. make up. tissues, Tylenol, inhaler, keys

  63. I always carry around my wallet {obviously}, business cards, pens, keys, and whatever other mess the rest of my family throws in there, lol.

  64. Mark Cook says:

    i don’t have a hand bag and I’m not allowed to look in hers lol.

  65. I have a glasses case, lipgloss, a brush, coins, coupons, keys, eyedrops,and a mirror in my purse.

  66. Ally Swanson says:

    My wallet, keys, three lipglosses, chapstick, comb, coupons, hair ties, paper clips, two pens, Skullcandy earphones, spare pair of earrings, small notebook, breath mints, gum, granola bar, medicine, hand lotion, hand gel sanitizer, nail clippers, two rollerball perfumes, sunglasses, and Sweet’N Low packets. Yes, I’m that girl with Sweet’N Low packets, because you never know when you’ll be at a restaurant drinking coffee and they’re out of Sweet’N Low – this actually happened to me so now I bring my own lol.

  67. My wallet, ID card, bank card, shopping cards, transport card, MP3 player, pocket mirror and sometimes a bottle of water.

  68. Wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss, important cards etc.

  69. Yvonne Tabaracci says:

    My glasses, money, lipstick, keys, cellphone….

  70. I’m sorry this is only open to the US, it’s an awesome bag!

  71. I have my wallet, brush, phone, lipstick, and keys.

  72. Debbie Welchert says:

    I have a wallet, brush, a little bag for my little screwdrivers, keys, a pen and some gel for my lips.

  73. Racquel S says:

    My wallet, handwipes, lip gloss and some random toys for my kids!

  74. Usually, I don’t use an handbag. But if I do I will fill it with purse, cellphone, pen, and notebook.

  75. oh oh what items are in my bag YIKES whats not in my bag..money lipstick mascara, eye shadow, blush, eyeliner, tampons, hair brush, pens, daily planner, sun glasses, eye glasses,keys, advil,my perfume ok I think thats enough I have alot more in it but now that im posting I feel that I think my daughter is right I have too much in my peurse BUT I need it all

  76. My wallet, my cell phone and a brush

  77. Money, lipstick, insurance cards, nitroglycerin, and I’m not sure at this moment what else. LOL

  78. Anastasia Falling says:

    IN my bag I have tissues, my mini binoculars (I’m partially blind, so this helps me see in the distance), a magnifying glass, cards and ID’s…. just to name a few things lol 🙂

  79. I have my wallet,tissues,loose change, comb and a compact.

  80. i keep a little bit of everything in my purse… wallet with money and my cards and coupons, lipgloss, my cell phone, keys, mini hair brush, several pens and a pad of paper, my planner, a handful of highlighters, kleenex, pocketbak anti-bac from bath and body works, and a snack or two 🙂

  81. Todd Hochman says:

    gum, phone, keys, pen etc

  82. Cindi Decker says:

    You will find cell phone, comb, keys, hand sanitizer, billfold and checkbook.

  83. Laura Wilson says:

    I have my wallet, checkbook, pen, lotion, and keys.

  84. Ruth Griffeth says:

    What is in my purse, wallet, two small card holders, epi pen (for bee stings), not pad, two lipsticks, one red one pink, and my kindle

  85. lipstick, credit cards and hand cream.

  86. Cynthia R says:

    In my purse is a bunch of crap- keys, wallet, a book, chapstick, receipts, gum, etc.

  87. I don’t have a handbag. I won’t carry a cheap bag and can’t afford designer, so I go without.

  88. OMG – what isn’t in my bag? Seriously, I have hand sanitizer, toilet paper, wallet, checkbook, pocket brush, lip gloss, pill holder, inhaler, pocket kleenex, hair ties, cough drops, and probably a few other things I forgot that are buried on the bottom.

  89. Phone, lipstick, wallet, keys and tissues

  90. I have a wallet, phone, keys, pen, candies and coupons in my purse.

  91. In my handbag, I have my wallet, lip balm, gum, car keys, cell phone, and a snack!

  92. I have my wallet, my sungkasses, my brush and comb, my lotion, my nail clippers and emery board, and some kleenex. 🙂

  93. That I can remember? haha. Pumpkin cupcake hand sanitizer, my keys, my pug wallet, a cherry crush blu e-cigarette, a pen, gingerbread philosophy lip gloss, pony tail holders, my glasses, a train schedule, and Hello Kitty bandaids.

  94. Michelle C says:

    I have the usual items in my purse. I have my wallet, keys, phone, lip glosses, pens…

  95. Melissa S says:

    I carry way too much in my purse but the most important items are my brush and a small pocket knife that has come in handy for all kinds of things like opening packages on the go.

  96. Helen May says:

    Drivers license, credit cards, lip balm, meds, tissues, and some odds and ends! 🙂

  97. golden storm says:

    anything and everything,,changes daily!!

  98. I have makeup, wallet, medication, and stuff for my daughter in my handbag. Sometimes I cram whatever will fit.

  99. terra j sweeps says:

    wallet, lipstick, brush, kindle, water bottle

  100. Cheryl Rogers says:

    I keep my wallet, brush, cell phone, mirror and coupons in my handbag.

  101. jeanette sheets says:

    keys ,wallet ,check book .makeup etc

  102. Alice Elzey says:

    Wallet, hair brush, ink pens, medicine, and keys.

  103. Keys, wallet, pens, post-it notes, hand sanitizer, coupons, cell phone, sunglasses, eyeglasses, extra bags!

  104. Keys, lipstick, money, mirror, ID, and hand gel.

  105. Jenna Wood says:

    What isn’t in my bag? Tums, nail files, wallet, tampons, mirror, asprin…

  106. Wallet, keys, compact, pen, notepad, wipes, advil, sewing kit, multi-tool pocket knife, tampons, sunglasses, hair ties, straws and usually a couple snacks. Those are the main things but other random stuff makes it’s way in there.

  107. Too much! Bobby pins, elastics, roll on perfumes (2), couple lip gloss, gum, hand sanitizer, cell phone, tylenol. .. etc. All crammed into a little cross-body.

  108. I like to be prepared for anything. I always carry keys, my cell phone, my purse, one or two shopping bags, bus e-ticket, gum, lipgloss and lip balm, eyedrops, some pills for head ache and stomach ache, also a couple of antiseptic patches and women’s pads, a wipe for eyeglasses, a pen and a small notebook, comb, pocket mirror, spare hair tie, a mini nail file, and when I don’t forget to pack them, disposable napkins.

  109. I usually have my wallet, keys, and phone, maybe lipstick. Then there are some receipts and probably a ponytail holder.

  110. Too much stuff! In my handbag are: wallet, Kobo reader, camera, cell phone, lip gloss, bandaids, 2 pens, notepad, extra hair ties, a pair of earrings… Like I said–too much stuff! LOL.

  111. My wallet, diabetic supplies and makeup

  112. Karla Sceviour says:

    wallet,,napkins,lipchap,hand sanitizer,hair bobble,tylenol,candy,gum,pen,mirror

  113. I have my wallet, cell phone, hand lotion, lip balm, nail clippers, and coupons in my small purse.

  114. Jennifer P. says:

    My handbag always has a brush, lip balm, cell phone, wallet, keys, Kleenex, hair tie, lip stick, a few coupons for groceries, and usually a diaper, wipes and change pad for my baby.

  115. It’s really what isn’t in my purse. I have office supplies, food and diaper what nots along with the usual.

  116. Barbara R. says:

    In my bag: wallet, tissues, hairbrush, lipstick, mascara, little notebook, pen and keys.

  117. My wallet, chapstick, lipstick, comb, kleenex, coupons, extra set of car keys!

  118. Tara Woods says:

    lip gloss, a wallet, note pad, ink pen, hand sanitizer and a mirror

  119. cassandra aubut says:

    what isnt in my handbag? With 2 kids and 4 sports teams, I carry it all!

  120. Bobbie Smith says:

    My wallet, note pad, make up, keys, cell phone, little cinnamon candy, and a small Mickey Mouse, receipts, tissues, inhaler, and yes I have a few pieces of trash in there too…lol

  121. lipsticks, lotions, keys, wallets and cellphone , hair brush, pens and emergency kits.

  122. Natalie Nichols says:

    wallet, credit cards, drivers license, chapstick, tissues

  123. Audra O'Hara says:

    My handbag is keys, lipgloss, hair bows, goldfish crackers, sucker wrappers and tons of receipts.

  124. Chapstick, wallet, checkbook, pens, paper, gum and stuff at the bottom I don’t want to know about.

  125. richelle bowers says:

    wallet, chapstick, pen, pad of paper

  126. What’s NOT in my purse? Lipstick, foundation, money, etc!

  127. Hmmm….let’s see…..wallet, phone, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, notepad, pen, keys, comb, mirror, a couple of old shopping lists, and Tylenol. There may be more than that; that’s just the stuff I remember without looking.

  128. Makeup, keys, wallet, and phone

  129. Wallet, Sunglasses, Phone, lipgloss, lipstick, keys, pen, notebook, coupons, breath mints

  130. Daniela Tapia says:

    I usually carry my wallet, a pen, some makeup and my cell phone!

  131. April Farley says:

    In my handbag is my emergency makeup bag that has a pack of handy wipes, chap stick, concealer . Then there is my wallet with my ID and no money filled with pics of my Grands! hehehe I always have a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, a pen and a note pad. There is a coupon organizer full of coupons and a couple of hair ties. Last but not least my lucky penny from 1968 and a book of matches.

  132. lipgloss, hand cream, tissues, cellphone, wallet, gum

  133. Sue Barney says:

    My wallet, sunglasses , travel make up bag, pen, keys, and phone

  134. trisha kilpatrick says:

    I don’t really have a handbag, I have a pouch. It is filled with everything my husband, my sons, along with myself might need when we leave the house. I have socks, lip products, otc medications, every shopper reward card and insurance card, coupons, etc. The list could go on and on.

  135. Dorothy Teel says:

    Right now my handbag is a mess, with old cracker wrappers from yesterdays outing, could not throw them on the floor and did not find a trash at that time, has some napkins, wallet, glasses, ink pen, check book, some peppermint candies ( quit smoking about 2 years ago and htye are my crutch new habit, peppermint candies..LOL

  136. Right now in my purse wallet, makeup, phone,book, mini swiss army multi tool,pen and medicine.

  137. lots of tissues, pens, my wallet,gum, paper and lipstick

  138. KaylaSue Simundson says:

    I have so much stuff in my purse! Deoderant, wallet, day planner, hair brush, pens, etc.

  139. Petra Jadan says:

    LOL good question. My handbag is always heavy. You can find my wallet, small cosmetic bag, small bag with gum, small fist aid kit, keys, pen, small notepad, little bag with a kotex, and some more stuff that can’t remember lol

  140. michele p says:

    my keys, a mirror, some lipstick and lip gloss, my wallet with credit and debit cards & cash & license, my cellphone and a pen and hairbrush.

  141. Kathy Luman says:

    I have a lot in my bag. Keys, Wallet, Medication, Checkbook, Check card, Credit Cards, lip gloss, candy, calendar, coupons, hair ties and more.

  142. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Right now I’m carrying a very small cross-body bag that has only the necessities. Drivers License, VISA, Debit card, Medical cards, lipstick, gum, pen, tissue and glasses.

  143. OMG, Kleenex , cell phone, aspirin, money. Wow, coach bag is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  144. Kassie Jo Lauhoff says:

    Oh my, so much! Wallet, Makeup, Makeup brushes, Jolly ranchers, Gum, Mints, Lighters.

  145. Wallet, keys, lip balm, tissue, coupons, random change/pebbles/clips/etc the kids make me carry lol

  146. Wallet, phone, lip gloss, compact

  147. Sarah Matos says:

    I have a ton of my kids stuff, my wallet, and coupons. Lots and lots of coupons!

  148. kathy downey says:

    Tissues ,phone, keys, wallet, ipad mini, toys, candy, lip gloss,folded recyclable bag for shopping

  149. cell, cash, keys, lip balm, kleenex

  150. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I have my wallet, checkbook, pens/crayons, small notebook, coupons, nail file, cuticle oil, band aids, stickers (can you tell I have young kids?) 🙂

  151. Debra Guillen says:

    Cell phone, date planner, comb, kleenex, wallet, coupons, receipts, lipstick, bandaids, hand sanitizer, keys to name a few.

  152. Krissy C. says:

    A better question would be what ISN’T in my purse! 🙂
    I have my wallet, Altoids, gum, few pens, sons inhaler, hubbies glucose shot if his sugar gets low, I have medicine for the kids, and myself. Also have band-aids, tweezers, and oh so much more…I have TOO much stuff! But there is always that fear if I take it out, we’ll need it. Better safe than sorry. 🙂

  153. Everything but the sink. that is why I usually just pull out my wallet and take that in. Musts are my Burts Bees, keys, kleenex and floss picks though!

  154. Baby wipes, chapstick, nail polish, kleenex, bandaids, hand sanitizer, and flossers.

  155. Kathy Hanley says:

    I always have my coupons, wallet and gift cards!

  156. Wallet, check book, phone, lots of pens, scrap paper, sugarless gum.

  157. I have waaay too much junk in my handbag! I usually have a couple of lipsticks, a nail polish, my ID & debit card, my business cards, a pen/stylus combo, and some coupons.

  158. Kim Pinch says:

    I recently cleaned it out so I only have wallet, keys, kleenex, gum and chap stick.

  159. keys, wallet, pens, lip balm, phone, band aids

  160. My wallet,phone,coupons,make up,receipts and gum!

  161. I have my wallet, phone, facial tissue, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, lip balm, a pen, a tiny note pad, my compact powder, a few OTC meds, band-aid, er what else? LOL.

  162. I’m one of those people that has a lot in their purse! Wallet, checkbook, business cards, coupons, keys, cell phone charger, external charger, mints, etc…Thank you for this fantastic giveaway 🙂

  163. I keep the following in my purse: wallet, keys, cellphone, a pen, gum, a small snack, and lip balm. We will just pretend there’s not a package of cracker crumbs and old receipts in there as well…

  164. Wallet, keys, cellphone, kleenex, coupons.

  165. crystal sheckles-gibson says:

    I have so much stuff in my purse. Wallet with a million receipts hanging out. My coupon organizer. Lotion, brush, mirror, keys, phone, notepad and pens, tampons, perfume, chap stick, gum, mini deodorant, and probably a few toys in the bottom.

  166. Aaiza Iftikhar says:

    Wallet, phone, a lip balm and my house key 🙂

  167. Makeup, wallet, my emergency meds, my daughters enhaler, calendar, my phone, keys, glasses, sometimes bills: are in my purse!!

  168. Terra Heck says:

    I have loose change, lighters, hand lotion, a pocket calendar, and a coupon organizer in my handbag. Thanks.

  169. Angela Skelton says:

    wallet, keys, camera, iPod, sunglasses,make up

  170. BlessedTA says:

    Lipstick, keys and phone

  171. glasses, wallet, keys, contact lens solution, receipts

  172. Ana Paula Barreto says:

    The world. LOL
    There’s a bunch of stuff that I don’t even know. The basics, phone, ipad, medicines, candies..

  173. I would say the usual – wallet, keys, phone and glasses.

  174. Holly Thomas says:

    I could play lets make a deal with everything I have!

  175. laurie damrose says:

    Money ,phone,lipstick,chapstick,tissues,mositurizer,debit card,keys.

  176. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    Right now I carry a diaper bag, so cloth diapers, cloth wipes, a wet bag, a few little cars and board books, and a change of clothes for my youngest. Oh, and my wallet.

  177. Wallet with way too many cards, lipstick, mints, pen, a little money!

  178. My purse is always full. Right now, besides the basics, an umbrella, sunglasses case, and a walking pharmacy of pregnancy safe medicines in cast I need them.

  179. What isn’t in my purse may be easier to answer….wallet, camera, cellphone, multiple lipglosses, kleenex, paper, crayons, receipts, nametag and keys, hand sanitizer, mints, cough drops….

  180. My handbag contains a wallet, lip gloss, kleenex, bottled water, and a phone,

  181. a bunch of candy wrappers. so embarrassing!

  182. Oh, my goodness…wallet, checkbook, credit card case, pack of gum, sunglasses, daughter’s wallet, iPod, Lilla Rose Flexi Clip, a pen, 4 Sharpies, a pencil, calculator, ear plugs, nail file, a bunch of receipts, Tylenol, Advil, flash drive, doTerra Peppermint Beadlets and doTerra Lemon essential oil.

  183. Wendy Hatton says:

    Although my bag is a repository for junk that seems to accumulate during the day I do try and clean it out regularly so I can find what I’m looking for. I always carry phone, camera, purse and sunglasses plus bunch of key that I clip to the handle so I know I’ve got them.

  184. Wallet. Epi-Pens, lip gloss, hand cream, tissues, brush, medications, sun glasses (in a case), check book, note pad, Post -It note pads, keys, pens, dog treats, , poop bags, measuring tape, emery boards, nail buffer, change purse, gum, mints, packets of True Lime, a can of Caffeine Free Diet Coke, mini flashlight, camera batteries, business cards, Service Dog handouts and legal flyers, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.

  185. I have a phone, lip balm, pen, keys, and lotion in my handbag.

  186. Jasmine Henderson says:

    I keep my wallet, my phone, lip stick, napkins and receipts in my purse.

  187. Wallet, check book, lipstick, hair brush, receipts, sunglasses and a bottle of water. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  188. wallet, comb, date book, coupons, nail file, pen, spare car key.

  189. courtney b says:

    i have lots of lip gloss, makeup, money, glasses and gum

    Thank you!!

  190. Stella Martis says:

    Gadget, book, pen, wallet, and prayer outfit (I’m a Muslim) 🙂

  191. Stephanie Shipley says:

    My handbag has my wallet, makeup, body spray, a notepad, pen, inhaler, and random other things I end up finding in it.

  192. Oh boy. What isn’t! I have an entire first aid kit, along with a bag that has a nail file, clippers, hair ties, some breath mints and dental floss. Maybe even some thread and a needle. And then my wallet and a second wallet with all of my membership and gift cards. A notebook with lists and coupons. Probably some loose bobby pins and change. And maybe even a sucker or two from the bank! haha!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  193. wallet , brush , lipstick and phone and lots of paper work and receipts

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  194. Lauren Watson says:

    An easier question would be what is not in my handbag. I put everything i can fit in mine. There is no telling what you might find!

  195. Christanna Tucker says:

    Wallet, gum, receipts, compact, pepper spray.

  196. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    Lip gloss, my cell phone, car keys, and my wallet.

  197. Pat Ma'Wiener says:

    I don’t have a handbag but I’ve got an empty money clip with a bottle opener in my pocket.

  198. Kasee Johnson says:

    I don’t go anywhere without my iPad. And since it’s in an Otterbox case, my bags have to be big. So I toss in TONS of other stuff, too! But the item in my purse that gets the Most Unique prize? A purple titanium spork. I NEED it with me always, just in case. (Sure came in handy for eating deep-fried oreos at the San Diego County Fair.)

  199. Wallet, cell phone, spare pair of glasses, comb, tissues, tiny mirror, Band-aids, dental floss, etc.

  200. I was just notified that all of my “likes” from facebook have been wiped for the past 30 days. This is under my “Meelie Kuemp” profile. I am attempting to go back to all 110 blogs and “like” under another account, but all updates I liked or shared will remain under that profile. Additionally, while I can usually hit edit on the giveaway form and make sure a page is liked under my other account, I can’t update the facebook name. My other facebook page is under my full name, Ce-li-na Lun-din Ku-em-per. Hopefully this will not disqualify me, as I spent so much time entering, I look forward to it each year! Thanks either way for the great event!

  201. Allyson Bossie says:

    epipen, boogie wipes, chapstick, wallet, toys, candy, and coupons

  202. What isn’t in my purse is an easier question! I have everything from makeup, mints, phone, wallet, a ton of change sitting in the bottom of the bag, coupons, receipts, keys, about 10 lip glosses, kohl’s cash……..

  203. My hand bag has my waller, lip gloss, Star Wars troopers, legos, Duplos, toy cars, small first aid kit, planner, sewing supplies, old receipts, and crayons. (I have a lot of boys:)

  204. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I actually do not have one right now. I am carrying my debit cards and Id in my phone case. I need a new bag.

  205. Teresa Thompson says:

    I have a wallet, phone, chapstick, hand wash, coupons and toothpicks.

  206. Cell phone, keys, wallet and lip gloss. Also diapers and wipes as I am a mom of littles.

  207. Leslie Davis says:

    Wallet keys lipstick and checks

  208. I love this giveaway, thank you! My wallet, chapstick & lipstick, a hanky that was my dad’s, phone, gum, advil, business cards.

  209. Cristy Ridey says:

    My purse contains my keys, cell phone, & lip balm.

  210. wallet, lipstick, business cards

  211. ellen beck says:

    Kleenex, chappstick, credit cards maxed oout, checkbook, and various things that I cant keep track of are in my bag.

  212. receipts!!! I’m a shopper!!!

  213. Ria Alemina says:

    Wallet, handphones, make up, car key

  214. ID, credit and other cards, pens, lip balm, mending kit, …
    Thanks 🙂

  215. wallet, keys, makeup, phone and lots more stuff

  216. Dawn Monroe says:

    I always have hand sanitizer, my sunglasses and goodies for my grandkids.

  217. I have way too much in my bag! It becomes a dumping ground. 🙁

  218. I have my phone, my keys, chapstick, lipstick, eyeliner, and my wallet.

  219. Sarah Oswald says:

    It is probably easier to say what I dont have in my purse but my purse will at least always have a wallet, hand cream, chapstick, nail file and a comb

  220. Phone, about a hundred pennies, 4 lip balms and kid stuff.

  221. Maegan Morin says:

    Wallet, lipsmacker, check book, pen, baby wipes, random papers and receipts lol.

  222. Nena Sinclair says:

    In my handbag, I keep my wallet, ID, bank and loyalty cards, lotion, hand sanitizer, lipstick, eyeliner, blush, and way too much junk! Lol

  223. haha I did a whats in my bag blog post on my blog – funny things though like tons of receipts, nail polish remover, aspirin, sunglasses and case, regular glasses and case, brush, mini lint remover, nail care kit, EPI Pen, snickers bar for low blood sugar, Altoids, a smoke detector I have to take back to the store (bought too many)
    blood glucose checker, Sanitizing stuff for hands which is a total necessity, red glossy lip color, a hair pick, soothing earth toned lip balm, brown glossy lip stuff, and Dolce & Gabbana Le Eau De One or something french like that, my all time signature scent in roller ball form, a bottle of water, And lastly, 2 tide pens, a less expensive spray perfume, poo-pourri (if you have not heard of this you are not experiencing life in all its forms), a nail file because the nail care kit does not have one, go figure, a simple lip balm, and an almost used up peach colored (for my more natural looking days) Stilia lip color pen. WHEW!

  224. Wallet, pens, lip gloss, chap stick, perfume, receipts and brush.

  225. Katherine Riley says:

    I have 2 wallets (one to leave in purse and a smaller bifold to carry when I don’t want to carry a purse), my badge id for work, house keys, car keys, medicine, feminine products, my travel knitting or crocheting project (sometimes both), a book and my phone.

  226. I have my keys, sunglasses, eos lip balm and hand sanitizer, as well as my phone.

  227. Kim Keithline says:

    I have 2 wallets, make up , sunglasses, change purse, advil, pens and my cell phone

  228. Jill Myrick says:

    Inside my purse is a wallet, small makeup bag, brush, keys and cell phone.


  229. Wallet, Keys, Epi-pen, receipts, and medication

  230. wallet, phone, keys, lip gloss

  231. Wallet, keys, phone, notebook, pens, post-it notes, tampons, charging cord for phone, protein bar.

  232. change purse, tylenol, sun glasses, pen, paper, Jolly Ranchers, wallet and keys

  233. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    wallet , keys, phone and gum

  234. Handkerchiefs, wallet and keys, plus sometimes a bottle of water!

  235. Rebecca C. says:

    Wallet, a book, a notebook, chap stick, pens and pencils, and all sorts of other junk.

  236. Darla Peduzzi says:

    I have a little bit of everything in my bag. I always have tissues, lipstick, blistex, makeup, iPhone, wallet and more.

  237. I just switched purses to a very small one, so there’s very little in mine: wallet, keys, headband.

  238. Wallet, comb, pen, glasses, paper tissues, lipstick, phone

  239. Make up bag, wallet, phone, gum, pen, keys, coupons, and a granola bar. 🙂

    Diana C

  240. I have my wallet, keys, lip gloss, phone, gum and snacks for my kids

  241. I keep a wallet with credit card,id and money. My phone, a small travel size of hand sanitizer, a hanky, lip gloss, a mirror, a clippers, a travel size hair spray(refillable), a small perfume, mints, gum, floss, a mini sewing kit, a pad (just in case), a pen or two always. I sometimes slip a book in there to read in case I am waiting(dr’s office, etc). I like to be prepared.

  242. I switched to a smaller purse for my trip to NYC this week and I feel like I was cramming everything in there but there is barely anything in it. My wallet, phone, pens,lip gloss, and the pass to get up to the office. I need a nice purse that is not too big or too small to travel with for work.

  243. Mirror, lip balm, wallet, phone, keys, comb, tissues and hand cream!

  244. Camera, wallet, tissue and keys.

  245. I have pens, my phone, a backup battery for my phone, tissues and chapstick.

  246. Diane Elizabeth says:

    My wallet, phone, a few pens, lipgloss, keys, coupons and my reading glasses

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