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Make Healthy Choices and Earn Rewards with Walgreens Balanced Rewards!


Walgreens is a huge part of my day. From the moment I wake up till the moment I lay my head back in bed. I use Walgreens products all day every day! Some of you might be wondering why Walgreens? Why not somewhere else? Well that’s easy! Besides Walgreens being the most friendly store in my neighborhood, it is also easy to shop their and earn #BalanceRewards on my purchases! Especially when I can earn rewards for my healthy choices!

If you have taken my past advice and downloaded the Walgreens app on your smart phone then I am sure you have realized there is a neat little feature titled “BR for healthy choices”. That is right! You don’t just earn rewards on your purchased..but on your healthy choices as well! See how easy it is to save money at Walgreens! Thank you #CollectiveBias for letting me know about this amazing feature!

So what are my healthy choices during the day? Well why not take a journey with me? Here is my day wrapped up in one simple blog post! Enjoy!



6:30 – I wake up and get breakfast going! This includes something healthy for my daughter and a nice Whey Shake for me! All purchased with reward points from Walgreens! While we are eating I also like to input my sleep into the Walgreens BR for healthy choices app. You earn points for a good nights sleep!! I also like to take this time to input my goals for the day/week because I can even earn rewards for my goals!

7:00 – After breakfast I load up the kids and the dog and go for a walk. This is my favorite part of the day. I love getting out and exercising. It is always so calm and quiet in the mornings. Plus it is P.E. time for my daughter before we start home schooling!


8:25 – Finish up our walk and get a health bar for snack. My daughter and I typically do 3+ miles in the mornings. This might sound like a lot for me and my 9 year old…but time goes so fast! We don’t really even realize how long it we went. We just talk and walk!

During my morning walks I keep track of the distance with MapMyWalk. It is a great app and it helps me know the distance and steps that I did. Plus I can link it to my Walgreens app to help me earn more Balance Rewards! Just for doing what I am already doing!!


8:30 – Shower! Part of staying healthy is keeping yourself clean! From 8:30am-9:00am I shower, brush my teeth and get ready for the day!

9:00 – We start homeschooling at this time. This part of my day is filled with brain health! 🙂

12:00 – My daughter and I break for lunch at noon. She typically has a sandwich or soup for lunch and I opt for a veggie shake. In each shake I add some type of juice (purchased at Walgreens of course),a handful of green leaf vegetables and 1 cup of fruit. I blend it all up together and enjoy! These shakes are so good!

During our lunch break my daughter and I also take our daily vitamins. She takes Omega and I take a daily women’s vitamin!


1:00 – We go back to home schooling. We are always making fun things like her recent Plant Cell Model out of Jello!


3:00 – We put the books aside and start to clean up the house. We typically have one room a day that we put all of our focus into. Part of staying healthy is making sure that you are living in a clean environment! Of course the cleaners I purchase are also from Walgreens! I love using my Health Rewards I earn each day on products I will really use!

5:30 – Supper time! This is the time of day my hubby gets home! We have dinner together each night at 5:30!

6:00 – Family bike ride time! We love going for bike rides in the evenings. It is a great way to earn more BR for healthy choices and it gets the whole family out of the house. We have a bike trial not far from us that runs right along the Colorado River. It is a beautiful ride and of course I track it with MapMyWalk as well!

7:30 – Get home and ready for bed!

8:00 – Good Night! Recently my daughter has had a cough that she can not get rid of. Thank goodness I was able to purchase some medicine for her from Walgreens. It helps her to get her much needed rest at night!


  1. Jeanette Mays says:

    Great post! You have a busy household & it’s great that you can get so much done! I am going to have to look into this program at my local Walgreen’s for sure. I do use the MapMyWalk App for our Hikes & love it.

  2. This sounds great! I had no idea Walgreens had an app like this! And it’s not only a motivator, it earns you rewards! I am totally checking this out!

  3. I love the balance rewards program at Walgreen’s. One of my favorite places to go.

  4. It’s amazing how much of our day really does depend on products. I hadn’t heard of the healthy choices rewards yet, so thanks!

  5. I love walgreens. I shop there often, as it is right around the corner. I use the paperless coupons and it is such a huge relief not having to worry about bringing coupons everywhere.

  6. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I think it’s an awesome way to get healthy and kudos for Walgreens for making it so easy!

  7. I love my Walgreens Balance Rewards Card and Walgreens always has some amazing deals on brands aimed on keeping families healthy!

  8. Love your detailed post, it sure does get busy. Glad you were able to find everything you needed at Walgreens.

  9. It is so great that Walgreens rewards healthy habits. I am going to look into this program more!

  10. I love their reward program, it is really nice and I have benefited from it a lot! Sounds like a busy day for sure.

  11. I didn’t know anything about this! What a great program! Your daughter is adorable and so is your dog!!

  12. Walgreens Balance Rewards are so great to have. I love that Walgreens rewards healthy habits now too!

  13. I always reward myself for reaching my health goals. I like that Walgreen’s is making it even easier!

  14. I love that Walgreens is pretty much patting us on the back for doing great things for ourselves… love it… and am totally going to check it out

  15. I’d love to know more about the plant cell model out of jello! That sounds really cool. Walgreens sounds like it has a good rewards model in place.

  16. I have no idea Walgreens did this, so cool. Checking it out.

  17. Rachelle J says:

    I love the balance reward program! Who doesn’t love saving money for being healthy right? I love that you are spreading the word about this awesome program!

  18. I love this Balanced Rewards program. I’m an externally motivated person, so this will get me more active.

  19. This Balanced Rewards program is a great way to promote healthy living. I love to see programs like this.

  20. What a cool idea. I love that Walgreens is promoting healthy lifestyle choices. And it helps me save money!

  21. What a neat idea. It’s a great way to get people motivated to make better health choices.

  22. Walgreens has so many great programs and here’s another great one to take part in!

  23. I’m a teacher in a public school and am so impressed with all that you get done in a day. When I’m home, we definitely don’t accomplish nearly what you have in this post!

  24. I have to check out these healthy rewards at Walgreens. I always try to make healthy choices for my family and being a part of the rewards program would be wonderful. Loved the pics! Very cute! 🙂 Great post!

  25. So many good details here! Thanks for the tips!

  26. We have the Walgreens Rewards and love it! I am always redeeming $5 and $10 off purchases, they add up fast!

  27. I’m totally linking that up to my Balance Rewards account. I just used some BR points tonight on a purchase!

  28. I’m a big fan of balance rewards. It’s a no-fuss way to earn savings.

  29. I love all that Walgreens has to offer. I recently downloaded their app and it is helping me stay on track with my daily walks.

  30. love love love the Balance Rewards!! we get a lot of prescriptions filled and i’m always finding fun deals when i’m waiting

  31. pharmacy reward programs are the best – I use ours for diapers and wipes 🙂

  32. Teresa McCluskey says:

    What an event filled day! That is a long walk I can see why your daughter was hungry for a good snack!

  33. Christine says:

    My Walgreen’s is less than 2 minutes away. We spend a ton of time there because it’s the quickest place to pick stuff up in a hurry.

  34. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I wish we had a Walgreens in our area. They always have great specials on. I love rewards programs.

  35. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I love to save money so Balance Rewards are for me! Getting paid in points to buy stuff I already do is great!

  36. Mapmywalk app is an interesting app. I got to have that. I hope it’s available in Android.

  37. What a great way to stay fit and bond with your daughter too. I love the idea of a consistent walk.

  38. Sounds like Walgreens has everything one could need. I wish they had stores close to us.

  39. katrina g says:

    I love walgreens and always get awesome stuff there. Oh and wow you have a busy day.

  40. I love our local Walgreens. LOL, it’s the “Happ’nin” place out here in podunkville.
    I love that I can shop 24/7 every single day of the year.

  41. I love those Special K Protein Coffeehouse drinks – especially the vanilla flavor (and I’m usually a chocolate drink lover)

  42. Great post., I use walgreens a lot! I am going to have to download that app!

  43. I love Walgreen’s too…mostly because of the drive-through pharmacy. Whoever invented that one is a genius!

  44. I love walgreens and the new app is awesome.

  45. I am a fan of Walgreens too! I have their app installed on my phone but need to use it more!

  46. Earning points for things that I already do is great, but this app motivates me to get moving even more! #client

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