Steel Patios And Pergolas

Steel Patios And Pergolas

Steel patios, a wonderful option to add style and flair to your home, are well-known for their versatility in such settings as carports and outdoor entertainment areas. The design options available for these patios are virtually endless. The range of options includes a gable, pyramid, flat and dome roof or even a combination of these if you prefer.

One of the best advantages of steel is that it is quite strong in tension, enabling it to span large distances. This means that steel can be used to span a large patio area or verandah without requiring numerous columns for support.

Another advantage of purchasing a steel patio/pergola is that steel requires much less maintenance than the traditional wooden structures. Quite frequently, the paint on wood structures wears away rapidly. Paint applied to steel, on the other hand, lasts for a very long time until repainting is necessary.

The pricing of steel versus wood is also a critical factor to consider before making your purchase. The prices of steel frames are significantly less than the wooden frames, starting out at $800. Wood frames typically start out at no less than $1500.

Steel is also low-maintenance. Many of the frames of the steel patios and verandahs on the market are designed and built to last for many years. Frames are often powder-coated and are available in a wide variety of colours.

Getting roofing for your verandah is a project that you would probably like to investigate quite thoroughly in order to get just the right look. The good thing is that there is quite a wide range of roofing options to pick from. Colorbond steel provides maximum shade and has many profiles and colours for you to choose from. However, a more balanced roofing option is polycarbonate patio roofing. This roofing is available from many retailers and comes as a profiled sheet or flat, twin or multi-walled sheets. Another great point about polycarbonate roofing is that it is available with heat-reflective finishes that are specially designed to reduce the heat and the glare that is occasionally generated by steel roofing. You will thus be able to sunbake under your verandah in comfort, without too much heat and not too little.

Steel verandahs, such as Patio Living verandahs, are available from many retailers throughout Australia. If you are thinking about installing a patio or verandah for your home, consider a steel one.

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