Adventure Time The Suitor

Adventure Time The Suitor


My daughter talks about Adventure Time all the time. Adventure Time is a show I had never watched until recently when a copy of Adventure Time The Suitor arrived at my door for the purpose of this review.


Adventure Time The Suitor DVD will be available for purchase Mary 6, 2014 with a pre-order date of April 1,2014. The Adventure Time The Suitor DVD has 16 full-length episodes with almost 3 hours of cartoon fun.


I was able to watch Adventure Time The Suitor with my daughter and her friends. I will admit that I did not get it. It was a cute cartoon but it was not as entertaining to me as it was the children. They loved it! I guess I will just have to face the fact that there is a generation gap with this cartoon….but I can live with that :). Adventure Time is rated PG and is a great cartoon for the kids!


On The Back

Welcome to volume 6! Peppermint Butler is here to serve you and all of your Adventure Time needs. At a moment’s notice you are afforded the luxury of viewing 16 candy-sweet episodes. So sit back and relax; Pep-But will take it from here.



  1. The Suitor
  2. James Baxter The Horse
  3. SHH!
  4. Another Five More Short Graybles
  5. Wizards Only Fools
  6. Be More
  7. Sky Witch
  8. The Vault
  9. Red Starved
  10. Hug Wolf
  11. Beyond This Earthly Realm
  12. King Worm
  13. Morituri Te Salutamus
  14. Heat Signature
  15. Blood Under The Skin
  16. Henchman


Special Episode:

Little Did You Know


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