My Easter Traditions & $400 Easter Deals Hunt Giveaway #EasterDealsHunt @Coupons #ad

My Easter Traditions & $400 Easter Deals Hunt Giveaway #EasterDealsHunt

As a child my life was filled with many Easter traditions. My family would decorate eggs each and every year…not only at our home but also at my Grandmothers house. Each and every Easter my Mom would take me out to purchase a beautiful Easter dress to wear to Church on Easter Sunday. We would also have two Easter dinners. One at each set of Grandparents homes. These family gatherings and beautiful dresses are among some of my most beloved memories as a child. That is why I have decided to continue these traditions with my own daughter. She loves going out with me each and every year to pick out a new spring time Easter Dress and heading over to Grandma’s house to decorate eggs. But, with those beloved family traditions we have also added a few more of our own. We make sure to set out celery filled with peanut butter each Easter eve and we also plant a Jelly Bean garden. In the morning my daughter wakes to find that the celery is gone and the Jelly Beans have sprouted into Lollipops of all different flavors. She loves to go outside and ‘pick’ the lollipops out of the garden. It is wonderful to see the joy in her eyes as she really believes that the Easter Bunny and his magic has made this happen.



As my daughter grows older and one day has a family of her own I am sure that she will continue on the Easter traditions that she has grown to love. It is my hope that one day I will be the Grandmother who has the Grandkids over to decorate my eggs and I will host Easter Dinner for my children and their families. Oh how I love Easter!

My daughter with her Great Grandma (my Grandma) during Easter last year.

My daughter with her Great Grandma (my Grandma) during Easter last year.



My Daughter in her Easter Dress with her gift from the Easter Bunny

My Daughter in her Easter Dress with her gift from the Easter Bunny

With all these family traditions I can say that it has been hard in the past. Some years my daughter has not been able to get a brand new Easter dress…but instead a beautiful dress that was new to her. Thankfully with Coupons .com and their online Coupon Codes and deals I will be able to get my daughter a brand new dress this year. Plus continue all the other Easter traditions that she has grown to love. There are many Easter deals at You will be able to find deals at Amzon, Kohls, Target, Forever 21 and many more. No matter what your Easter shopping needs might be….Coupons .com can help!

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  1. I’d love to use the 50% off seasonal decor at Jo Ann’s. I love to decorate..especially for Easter!

  2. What a beautiful little girl you have! Sounds like great traditions, too!!

  3. What a cutie! I would choose the Bath & Body Works code.

  4. there are no words for how much i love that your daughter got a bow and arrow for easter. that’s just fifteen kinds of awesome.

  5. I can’t wait to start creating Easter traditions with my 11 month old daughter. Thanks for the contest info!

  6. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for sharing your traditions! My goodness, your daughter is such a cutie! Looks like she is having such a great time!

  7. She looks thrilled with her Easter gift. I love developing traditions with my family, too.

  8. I love your Easter traditions! We also have the new Easter Dress Tradition for my daughter. It’s not always a brand new one due to cost. But this year is it a new one thanks to

  9. I love the jellybean to lollipop idea! Such a cute tradition!

  10. I am going to win this!! I love the sweet smile on her face in these pics. I miss the days when my children were younger and had that magic. . . now I need your coupons because they just want me to buy them stuff 🙂

  11. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Your little girl looks like a doll! I have to buy my two Easter dresses too! I’m waiting for the best deals..hop Im not too late!

  12. I am working on starting some good traditions in our home. I do imagine someday hosting holidays and all our kids and their kids coming over. What a good thought.

  13. What fun Easter traditions! When I was a kid, I loved going shopping for my Easter outfit. It was so much fun trying on all those dresses.

  14. What an awesome giveaway! I love shopping through amazon.

  15. My mom would take me out to purchase a pretty Easter dress, as well… with matching hat and gloves. Yet we never went to church, it was only for our Easter dinner which was often just the two of us. HA

  16. what a sweet post! I want to enter but it looks like Rafflecopter isn’t working 🙁

  17. Great traditions! I am digging the BOGO sale at F21.

  18. I would use the Kohls coupon codes to clinch a great deal this Easter

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