Give the Gift of Life This Holiday Season with the World Vision Catalog + $150 Value Zakale Ornament Set from Nairobi Giveaway!


Give the Gift of Life This Holiday Season with the World Vision Catalog + Zakale Ornament Set from Nairobi Giveaway!

As each of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the shopping, parties and gifts. I want us to each take a step back and think about those who are less fortunate then we are. Because, no matter what we have going on in our lives there are some who have it much worse.

With the craziness of life it is easy to take for granted the every day luxuries that I have. Such as running water, a roof over my head, a heater in my home as well as food on the table. These are simple everyday items that others are struggling to get and would do anything to achieve. That is why I am so passionate about the company World Vision. World Vision has a Gift Catalog that offers over 250 items that can help you fight poverty and save lives. Either with your purchase of livestock and animals that can help those in need or in the form of a financial contribution you can do so much to help World Vision and in turn help those in need.

If you choose the route of a financial contribution you will be able to also select a Handcrafted gift from over 30 different handcrafted items. Some of the items you will be able to choose are as follows:

– Colors of Africa Bracelet & Earring Set: This gorgeous Zakale jewelry set is handmade from recycled materials by Kenyan artisans reclaiming their own lives from poverty.

– Cinnamon Box: Created from the dried inner bark of Cassia (Cinnamon) trees by skilled artisans in Vietnam; these boxes help families receive social and health insurance as well as the opportunity to apply for scholarship funds.

– Hand-woven Headband: This beautiful, 100% cotton headband woven by skilled workers in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala helps address urgent needs of children, families or communities that might otherwise go unmet.

– Ornament Set: This set includes three handmade Zakale wire and bead animal trio ornaments from Nairobi.

– Gertie the Plush Goat: Gertie is available exclusively through World Vision and represents farm animals that are donated to children and families around the world and provide a steady supply of nutritious food and the surplus can be sold for extra income.


Here are some ideas from the World Vision Press Release I wanted to share with all of you:

  • Organize a family giving night and have kids select charitable gifts from an organization such as the World Vision Gift Catalog. Talk with your children about how giving back changes lives of children and families living in poverty and that their efforts truly make a difference.
  • Host a house party for friends and family and ask your guests to contribute to a share of a group gift such as a farm animal, winter clothing or school supplies to families in need, or even a water well. Make the selection of the item, how to raise funds for that gift, and the collection of the money a collaborative, group effort.
  • After Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping, consider celebrating Giving Tuesday (12/3) and make meaningful, life-changing gift purchases such as medicine, mosquito nets or a fish pond.
  • Be active in your giving — volunteer at your local homeless shelter or senior living center; cook a meal or bake cookies for an elderly family member or neighbor.




Thanks to World Vision I was sent a beautiful ornament set for the purpose of this review. As soon as I opened the set I could see the love that went into each little animal. The set includes a Water Buffalo, Giraffe and an Elephant. Each piece is exquisitely put together and filled with beautifully colored beads making each ornament unique and different.

I truly believe in the mission of World Vision. I hope you do as well. Please remember to take a time out this holiday season and think of those around you who are in need and try to figure out a way that you can help.

I am happy to say that Thanks to World Vision one of my lucky US readers has the chance to win one of these beautiful ornament sets! Good Luck!

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  1. I volunteer making quilts for children in crisis, and hep with safety patrols.

  2. we give to life outreach great program.

  3. sue killgore says:

    every Christmas, my family picks a family with children to Santa Claus and then we make sure they have what they need to have a good Christmas. We start buying and gathering things early in the year. we love it and hopefully, it helps the family, too.

  4. Julie Lynn Bickham says:

    I like giving my children clothes and mine to Big Sisters.

  5. I always like to volunteer

  6. We give clothes to goodwill, school does care packages for military, we give new toys for foster kids

  7. We select a family from the Angel Tree each year.

  8. donate clothing and/or toys

  9. My family and I always volunteer through numerous events each year, we also donate too big or too small clothing, and we buy Christmas for an Angel off of the Angel Tree each year with Salvation Army.

  10. I make and send paper crafts and decorations to various hospitals, and nursing homes and hospices….
    and sometimes I have my neighbors/friends/relatives helping me.
    We get wonderful replies.
    I am hoping to win this prize to also for inspiration, I love the colors and designs and maybe can apply some of those ideas to our decorations.

  11. Dorothy Teel says:

    We contribute to our church and some missionaries associated with the church.

  12. We collect toys and art supplies all year round for the families at our local Ronald McDonald House.

  13. I volunteer a lot! I actually did a rather large volunteer project in West Africa and saw World Vision in action. I really love them.

  14. jeanette sheets says:

    always give to salvation army angel tree

  15. Operation Christmas Child is a great group. We gather stuff all year long, and everyone in the family makes a box!

  16. Debbie Jackson says:

    I donate time, money and gifts to local shelter.

  17. We do food and clothing drives, school supplies, operation christmas child shoe boxes, prison fellowship angel tree children and christmas toys for a local mission.

  18. I like to donate things we no longer need to Goodwill.

  19. Give to food drives and clothes drives.

  20. Donate to the Trucks for Maddox Charity

  21. we donate clothes and money throughout the year

  22. Deliver food to the poor!

  23. keeping a blessing bag ready in the car for the homeless.

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