Loveable Labels 10th Anniversary Sale Going on NOW! Up to 50% Off!

Loveable Labels 10th Anniversary Sale Going on NOW! Up to 50% Off!


I love this site and you will see why!! You are going to want to head over to Loveable Labels today and see all the amazing labels they have to offer! Now is the time to get these because they are offering some great deals on some of their most popular labels!



A label with your child’s name on it can be extremely cute with little pictures on them but more importantly it is great to keep things organized! You can send your child off to school or daycare with their belongings and when you have your child’s label on each item it is more likely they will be coming home with their belongings!


Too many times I have gone into the lost and found searching for my son’s blue sweater and let me tell you, it was a sea of blue sweaters because their school had a uniform policy and that’s about the only color that you could wear! Had there been a little personalized label on it, I could have saved myself a lot of time!

You can add these labels to sippy cups, books, notebooks, shoes, lunchboxes, bags, containers, and everything in between!


Loveable labels aren’t just for kids either – you can even use them for household products like bins, file folders, inside cupboards and pantry’s and more! There is a plethora of ideas going on inside my head as to how much I can start to organize!

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Every day Loveable Labels has a deal and you can check out their gift tree to see what it is!

I absolutely love that Loveable Labels has labels for just about everything you can think of adding a label to. One of my favorite labels is the health label. They have labels to warn about food allergies etc. It is a red stop sign and you can put your child’s name on it and list what they are allergic to. I find this label to be one of the most important labels out there.

I hope you head over and see why I adore Loveable Labels so much!



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