Created by Top Doctors! What is Your REAL Age? Take The FREE RealAge Test Now & See!


Created by Top Doctors!!!


As seen on countless top shows such as 20/20, The Today Show, Good Morning America, New York Times, MSNBC, and more!


What do you think your REAL age is? Take the RealAge Test Now and find out what it is!


Powered by the latest medical research! This is a test that is going to be able to give your body a unique calculation of the age your body is in health wise – This is so very interesting and a must try with everyone¬† –


This RealAge Test is free to do so once you go onto the site you sign in and they will ask you a series of questions about you and your health – topics you are interested about, your emotional and physical health and make sure to answer honestly on how you feel because no answer is right or wrong per se, it is all based on only you and your health.


I took this test and I honestly didn’t know my size of waist in inches exactly so I needed to go get the measuring tape and there were some answers that I wish I did know such as my blood pressure etc. but it’s ok if you don’t, you just hit the “I don’t know” button and answer if you feel it’s too high, too low or average –


After taking this short test (10 -15 minutes total) I was so very intrigued with how my body and health age up – at the end I was happy to see that I am 3.8 years younger than I actually am! I do need to work on some things for sure but I kept telling my husband I was still 29 and now I am right!! haha


In all seriousness though after I took the test and it gave me my results I had the option to picking out which customized health advice I wanted that was specific to my individual test – I can always use more tips on how to be healthier and these tips are customized to me!


What a great test and something everyone needs to sit down and take some time out of their life and do! Take the RealAge Test now and let me know how you age!





  1. Samorjj says:

    Your link to Real Age is going to a site….

    • I am not sure why the link is taking you there. I tested the links and had a few people I know try them and all of them went to the test? Which link is taking you to a deal site? Thanks!

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