Simple Ghoulish Ghost Feet! – Easy Halloween Craft for Kids!

~Simple Ghoulish Ghost Feet! Easy Halloween Craft for Kids~

Here is a very fun Halloween Craft that you will want to do with your little goblins! We have been making these every year with my little goblins and have given some away for Halloween cards and we also keep them to watch the ghosts get bigger every year!  It’s super cheap and completely entertaining for all!




All you need is ~
black construction paper
black & white paint (non-toxic)
paint brush


I always lay out a beach towel on the kitchen floor and put the black construction paper on a cutting board next to the towel. Have your little goblin sit on the towel and do one foot at a time – my kids find it to be ticklish so we always giggle and have a great time with this craft! I use the same towel for every craft so it’s never a big deal if we get paint on it.


Once you have a foot completely covered in white paint, help them stand up and step down on the construction paper – I always gently push their toes down. They never turn out the exact same and that is what is so cool about it – each ghost is different! You want to make sure you have plenty of paint on the foot so by the time you are done putting paint on the bottom of the foot that the toes haven’t dried out.


I actually lift my little goblin to the sink and we clean off that foot and then do the next foot!


After the paint has dried on the construction paper (fairly quickly, about 5-10 minutes) then we turn the paper upside down, put black paint on the child’s thumb and make your eyes and mouth!


Viola! You have a handmade (or foot made) Ghoulish Ghost for decoration or a Halloween card to someone!





  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    What a neat idea. My grandchildren will love doing this. It’s going to be neat seeing the different size ghost feet.

  2. vickie couturier says:

    that is so cute an easy to make,,the grandkids will love doing this

  3. Carissa Joslyn says:

    This is so cute! I might actually do this today!! 😀 Awesome Halloween idea! We love getting in the Halloween spirit, but dont have any decorations anymore!

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