Swagbucks = FREE Rewards! It’s Legit!

Are you a member of SwagBucks? SwagBucks was the first ever rewards company that I ever signed up for and after 4 years with them I have racked up so many Amazon Gift Codes I can’t even keep count anymore! It is a great way to earn rewards just by hitting those SwagBucks search engines!

4 years ago I signed up to be a member of SwagBucks. I signed up because my cousin had told me how wonderful it was and how she had been able to get Amazon Gift Cards for doing nothing except using her internet just as she does every day!

I will admit that it sounded too good to be true but since I did not have to give out a bunch of personal information I knew it was worth a shot! Boy am I glad I gave them a chance! 4 Years Later I have LOTS of points racked up! I have earned points for doing basic searches (SwagBucks is now my homepage) and I also like to do the daily questions for fun and the bonus of gaining more bucks!

It really is that simple to gain SwagBucks and you can trade them in for merchandise, Gift Cards, Electronics, Toys, and SO much more! It is legit and I love it!

Are you ready to start gaining some FREE Swag? Sign up for SwagBucks today!


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