Summer Vacation Day #6!

Summer Vacation Day #6!


Day 2 was a very humbling experience for all of us. We decided to take a tour of the LDS Humanitarian Center. It was such a fulfilling experience to see everything that the church does for every one in the world. I had never been to the Humanitarian Center before and honestly did not really know what to expect.

I can honestly say that it was a great tour and I will be going back the next time we are in Salt Lake!



During the first part of the tour we walked down a hallway. Hanging down this hall were flags from around the world. Every flag that hangs on the wall represents at least one employee that works at the Humanitarian Center! Here is a picture of PART of the flags they had hanging! There were SO many flags! It was really cool to see.

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These are all bails of clothing. These clothes will be sent to families in need and/or sold to help afford other supplies. All the clothing here has been donated to the Church and comes from Deseret Industries.




These are pictures of employees and their countries. These employees are no longer working at the Humanitarian Center. They have now got jobs outside of the center and have been able to start a new life because of the skills they learned while working here.

The Humanitarian Center gets employees from around the world who need a new start in life. They will teach these employees the skills they need to live including English. It is a really neat concept!



On the second floor they had banners hanging that let you know just how many items were donated from that facility. This does NOT include the same items that might have been donated from local Bishops and such. As you can see there have been 70,000 wheel chairs donated from this facility to 61 countries. It’s really neat!

1000787_1doneHere is a map of all the places that the LDS church has helped during disasters.

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The last part of the tour is a movie where you can see lots of people talking about the good things that the church has done for them and their neighbors. I think I cried through the whole movie!

When the movie was over we got to walk through a room that contained gifts that have been given to the church as a Thank you for their help. It was really humbling experience! I am so happy that we took our daughter on this tour!

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That night we decided to head to a Dinner Theater that caters to kids! They served Pizza and Cheese Burgers and had a hilarious comedy for us to watch! We seen ‘The Lone Stranger‘ it was so funny! I loved this place!



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    now that is somewhere I think all kids need to go take a tour of

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