Summer Vacation Day #4!


Summer Vacation Day #4!

On day #4 we decided to let loose and have some fun! Ok…well I was just there to take the pictures because to be honest…I don’t do carnival rides!!

On day 4 we headed to Lagoon! I remember going here as a child and we used to have a blast as kids riding ride after ride. This is when I actually rode them. But even so…  I still had a blast watching my daughters face as she rode roller-coaster after roller-coaster!

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After our day at Lagoon we could not wait to try out yet another Diner, Drive-In’s and Dives eatery! This time it was Roy’s Burger Barn! Yum!



  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    It looks like a great time. This is something my grandchildren would like. I would have to skip the rides but I would love watching them.

  2. Carol Marr says:

    Summer Vacation Day #4 looks like so much fun I love carnival rides

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