Carefree Crafts Review and Giveaway + 5 Craft Kits (just pay $5.95)! Ends 5/11/13!

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Carefree Crafts Review!!

My thoughts on Carefree Crafts – I was so excited to receive a Carefree Crafts Kit to review and let me tell you, so were my kids! The idea of just having the mailman simply drop off your crafts is amazing!

Carefree Crafts makes is extremely simple for you or someone you know to simply start craft time! No need to get in your car and browse the aisles or spend hours on websites trying to figure out what craft to do next. You just simply open the package and everything is in the package! You receive a monthly craft kit and inside are 5 craft kits and I love that they are holiday or seasonally themed!

We received the spring kit and we had a blast with every single one! This was so fun to have everything right there for you and I absolutely love that instead of glue and making a mess with that, the kit included those fun clear glue dots. The kids found them to be very easy to use as well.

One of our favorite crafts out of the spring package was the bug jar, after my son spent time creating it inside, we then we on a nature walk and scouted out just the right little critter to put inside of it. It gave us an opportunity to bond and talk about nature that we would not have done that day. This craft kit helped bring us together and who wouldn’t love more opportunities to do that?!

This would be an excellent gift for your child to receive monthly or a niece or nephew or grandchild. Any child would love to put together these crafts and since there are 5 crafts it is also great for multiple children to be able to pick out what craft they want to do from the package delivered!

Carefree Crafts is offering 5 craft kits for only $5.95 using code SAVE60.

You also have a chance to win a 3-month subscription (value of $39.99) – this is something you are going to want to try out and see for yourself how amazing Carefree Crafts really is!




  1. We like making homemade birthday cards

  2. domestic diva says:

    I like to sew.

  3. I like to crochet.

  4. Megan Parsons says:

    I love to scrapbook!

  5. michelle oakley warner says:

    we like to make bowls and cupe right now with clay, we are on a clay kick right now, we have made a ton of things for the house, pen holders and ash trays, we have had a bunch of fun doing it

  6. what a fun giveaway for kids!

  7. Amy Tolley says:

    gardening or crafting with my son

  8. Dorothy Teel says:

    I like to make christmas decorations with my granddaughters, I also like to make new things from old things reuse for other ideas..

  9. Kelli Wood says:

    I love doing all crafts but painting is my favorite!

  10. Lindsie says:

    My favorite craft is making handmade cards.

  11. Debra F says:

    I love to crochet hats for the homeless.

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