Santa Paws 2 The Santa Pups Review!

My Thoughts on Santa Paws 2

The Santa Pups


I love the Santa Paws movies. They are very cute and filled with Christmas cheer. I received Santa Paws 2 The Santa Pups for the purpose of this review. I was so excited to review this movie. It arrived just in time for me to take it on our vacation for Thanksgiving. We were staying with my Grandma over the holiday and we were able to have a movie night at Grandma’s house. This was super special for my family. I’m so glad Disney made yet another amazing family movie!

In Santa Paws 2 The Santa Pups, The pups can’t wait to get their very own Christmas magic. They are so excited about what they can do with their magic but instead of doing the things they are supposed to do to get their magic they decide to do it in a not so good way…by stealing someone else’s magic and going on an adventure that no one knows about…..

As the pups arrive to their destination they decide to use their stolen Christmas magic to grant every child their wish….not knowing that one child would actually wish for the Christmas spirit to go away! What will the pups do now? Can they save Christmas in time? You will have to watch and see!

 On the Back

An all-new Disney holiday classic is born – Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups. Starring a brand-new litter of the cutest talking pups ever – Hope, Jingle, Charity and Noble – it’s perfect for the whole family. When Mrs. Claus travels to Pineville, the playful Santa Pups stow away on her sled. Taking mischief to a whole new level, they begin granting joyful wishes to Pineville’s boys and girls, but something goes terribly wrong – the Christmas spirit begins to disappear. Now the Santa Pups and Mrs. Claus must race to save Christmas around the world. From the creators of Disney Buddies, this magical, heartwarming tale is brimming with hope, cheer and Christmas spirit.


**I received a copy of this title for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.


  1. Glad you liked this! We just watched the Search for Santa Paws and none of us really enjoyed it. Have you seen it? The kids at the orphanage cannot sing or play, their toys are thrown in an incinerator, Santa is hit by a car and ends up in ICU, and the puppy almost gets burned in the incinerator. It was just not what I was expecting! Might be better for older kids, but my almost 6 year old did not like it.

  2. I loved this movie!

  3. laurie nykaza says:

    It sounds great especially for the older ones anything with dogs in it they just love.

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