Greased Lightning Review!

Greased Lightning

My thoughts on Greased Lightning Multi-Purpose and Greased Lightning Super Strength – I haven’t ever heard of this product before so needless to say I was pretty excited to try it out!

I love trying new things out and anything that will help me keep my house cleaner is that much cooler. I love that on the bottle it states that it is both a cleaner as well as a degreaser. It is so hard to get things clean that is saturated and has baked on grease. But my first goal was to head upstairs and clean the shower faucets with the Greased Lightning Multi-Purpose.

We moved in over the summer and it just seems I can’t get things clean enough to my satisfaction and the faucets have water stains on them that I couldn’t get off. So I sprayed it on and I waited a little bit. I had an old toothbrush I use to scrub and then I rinsed it off and I had a beautiful shiny new faucet!

This stuff really works and the neat thing about this one is that it had a spring rain scent to it and it wasn’t overpowering like bleach. You can use this on just about anything. All of the Greased Lightning products can be used on heavy duty projects such as grills and grease stains and also on things delicate as your son or daughter’s favorite stuffed animal.

Now to try out my Greased Lightning Super Strength; I decided I would tackle my daughter’s toy box. About a year ago she decided to be creative and “color” the front of it with permanent marker. So instead of taking the time to scrub at it for hours with different products, I simply turned it around so no one would notice! I know, not exactly the best example but I started working full time and was busier with more things that I ever imagined. So I sprayed it on, waited and scrubbed with my handy dandy toothbrush and a rag. It took three sprays and a little elbow grease but this stuff did the trick! I can now happily say the toy box is turned the right way again!







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