The Best Reward Credit Cards for Summer Travel


As the hot summer months grow even hotter, most of us are sitting at our office desks and computer screens dreaming of mountain getaways, beach vacations, and new places. When summertime hits, really we’re dreaming of going anywhere else. Summer is about sunny vacations, window-down road trips, and warm nights doing something new. But, as worries about a downtrodden economy, rising debt, and budgeting continue to plague all of us in one way or another, summer vacations and pricey travel can feel like mere daydreaming.

But, that dream vacation doesn’t have to stay a dream. Consider these travel rewards credit cards to help you do the travelling you want to this summer. Of course, getting a credit card should be very carefully considered. Don’t just go out and open any old account—evaluate your money situation, determine if a credit card is right for you, and look carefully into your many choices. There are numerous types of reward credit cards available—work to find the best card for your financial situation and spending habits. If a travel reward card fits your financial needs, these are the best options out there.

Hotel Rewards
Hotel rewards credit cards are a popular option among avid travelers. Whether you are a businessperson who does a lot of travel for work or a world traveler for fun, a hotel rewards card could be a great option for you. These cards usually work by allowing users to earn points for the purchases they make as well as additional points for dollars spent on stays in specific hotels. These points are then redeems for free, discounted, or upgraded nights at the hotel chain that your card is likely co-branded with. So, if you have a favorite hotel chain where you always, this may be a good choice for you.

Flight Rewards
Flight rewards credit cards are some of the more popular reward cards out there. With air travel being so expensive today, many people are working to find as many ways as possible to cut back the costs. With air travel rewards cards you can use points to redeem on plane tickets. There are two main types of travel rewards credit cards: airline-specific cards and generic airline miles cards. Airline specific cards are associated directly with a specific airline. So, if you always fly through Southwest or Continental, you can get a credit card through them. These cards allow you to accumulate frequent flier miles by using the card and flying with it. Generic airline miles cards allow you to redeem rewards points for air travel through any airline you choose. This can be a wonderful option for people not involved with a frequent flier program.

Cash Rewards
Probably the most popular rewards credit card option is the general cash reward cards. These cards work in much the same way as the other rewards cards. Cardholders earn points by using the card and paying it off responsibly. You can then redeem those points for cash in hand or put the money towards your monthly balance. This is possibly one of the best rewards options out there—let the money you spend help pay for your bill at the end of the month. Use one of these reward cards and put your reward money towards that vacation you’ve been saving and budgeting for.

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