Between Summer Sun and Humble Abodes

Between Summer Sun and Humble Abodes

It’s nearly that time again.   The slough of winter has come and gone, and now summer’s a quick breath away.  Warmth fills the air and the vibrant scents of the coming season can mean many things to many people.  Whether it’s freedom from the routine, wonderful vacations to exotic destinations, or simply finding a hidden-away corner to take it all in, kick back and watch nature unravel in all its various blushes and gestures, summer is nearly here, and who isn’t excited? 

But both before and after this wonderful time at least one thing remains constant – that place so humble there’s nothing else like it – your home, your castle, or even a nice duplex rental.  And it’s full of your winter things.   

So now that your home has just weathered another tenure of Old Man Winter, what can one do to prepare for the coming summer months? Here are some tips to help ease the transition from winter refuge to summer oasis.

Just Drop It and Run – Self Storage

Winter’s over and you have more sweaters than square space, your space heater is overworked and underappreciated, and you just want to get out and see some sun.  Is there an easy solution to this? Fortunately there is, since for a small price you can spare yourself the dilemma of what to keep and what to toss of your belongings (at least for one more year) by taking advantage of one of America’s many storage facilities.  With abundant locations from coast to coast, finding one shouldn’t be a problem. 

Selecting the Right Storage Facility

With many self storage facilities available, be sure to find a place that meets your needs. Your storage unit will become an extension of your home housing those items that you just don’t have room for; therefore it should be spotlessly clean. Storage units should also be climate controlled, providing the best environment for your belongings – no need to worry about extreme temperatures and humidity levels. Select a place where you feel comfortable going and where you know your items will be secure. You should also be well cared for by trained professionals. Be aware of your rent rate, hidden fees if any and when your rent will be due for an increase.

Here Comes the Sun

While storage might give your home a much needed breath of fresh air, it has now left your house with a lot of weight lost and extra options to make the place ready for summer.  Here are some tips to make your place more sunshine and dollar friendly.

Curtains and blinds:  As the summer’s heat begins to climb the walls of your house and dive through your windows, closing the curtains in the heat of the day can go a long way to saving money on air conditioning, and curtains specifically designed to darken rooms can be hung in bedrooms not used during the day to block out sunlight. For rooms facing west, this can make or break a comfortable environment, especially during the hours of the afternoon sun.  

Regarding attics or basements:  Those looming attic spaces or subterranean basements above and below your home can become heat traps, affecting the rest of the home.  To reduce the chance of your home transforming into a live-in oven, consider installing a vent in either your attic or basement, as this can reduce the heat of your ceilings and/or floors.

Air Conditioners:  For the sake of electricity and the cost it incurs, you should favor ceiling fans to expensive air conditioning, but if air conditioners are a must, then there are a few steps you can take to reduce the cost and environmental footprint. Change your filters often, especially if any member of your family has allergies or is sensitive to dust, as it will make for a smoother, more breathable time of the year. Further, many modern air conditioners can be programmed to be energy efficient, turning on only during the hours when people are home, and only in the areas of the house that need cooling. 

Ventilation and Potted Plants: If possible, keep windows open around the house; the art of cross ventilation needs to make a comeback, and it actually helps with air ventilation to have flower pots stationed in spots around the house (including the bathroom).

Lights: Try to make do without lights as much as possible.  In addition to allowing one to take full advantage of all those long and blissful summer daylight hours, it saves on power and curtails the chances of a brownout.

Absence from the Manor Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

No matter how cool and refreshing the cross breeze between the windows or how economically secure you’ve made your abode, remember that summer is the season for outdoors and as such it remains critical to outfit your porches, gardens or balconies. Unfurl umbrellas over outdoor tables and take lunch outside, set out garden chairs and install outdoor lights to make relaxing at night a breeze.  


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