My Party sponsored by Mommyparties, Oral-B Stages & Crest and Oral B Pro-Health FOR ME #OralBCrestFORME‏

My Party sponsored by Mommyparties, Oral-B Stages & Crest and Oral B Pro-Health FOR ME‏

Didyou know that you should start to floss your childs teeth as soon asthey have two of them touching each other? That is just one of themany fun facts that I learned during my Crest/Oral B Party!
RecentlyI was sent an amazing package that I was able to distribute to someof my daughter friends and their parents! Thanks to MommyParties andCrest/Oral B!
MyFun Party Package included:
Bottlesof Rinse
Full-SizePro-Health toothpaste
ProductSheets and handouts
Cars2 DVD
YuckyMouth vs. Healthy Mouth Activity
26Tips/Trivia for Healthier Teeth
Thekids were so excited for this event and could not wait to test outtheir new goodies! They were also very impressed by the fun popcornboxes 😉
Wehad a blast learning about proper oral health care and many of thekids were surprised about some of the foods that were not healthy fortheir teeth! They learned how to properly brush their teeth as wellas how to rinse and floss!
Ilove how Crest and Oral-B makes products that the kids can relate to!The Disney Flossers were a HUGE hit with the kids and to be honest Ihave been using them as well! I also love the different stages oftheir toothbrushes and was able to show them the difference for theyounger kids vs. the bigger kids! 

During the event the kids were able to watch Disney’s Cars 2! What a hit! 

Itis important to teach your kids the proper oral care as they areyoung. Teeth are something you will need for the rest of your lifeand it is important to teach them while they are young so that theywill always take great care of their teeth!
Thanks Crest, Oral-B Stages, Oral B Pro-Health For Me and MommyParties! We had a blast!

*I was provided with product samples thanks to Mommyparties, oral-B and Crest! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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