The Greatest Food Fight of All Time Book Review and Giveaway!



TheGreatest Food Fight of All Time
by:J.L. Nesvold
OnThe Back
BestFriends who share a simple wish: to become legends before moving onto junior high. But how? Fate intervenes on the first day of sixthgrade and shows them the path they must take, when, during lunch, allthe teachers step out of the cafeteria at the same time, leaving 150elementary students alone with a massive supply of tater tots, corn,pudding, and more. Seeing their chance, the TDK Connection acts, andunleashes culinary chaos unlike any the world has ever seen before!How long will they have before the teachers get back in? Will theyachieve the legendary status they seek? Is there better ammo for afood fight than tater tots? Find out, in the Greatest Food Fight ofAll Time!
Iwas thrilled when I first seen this book. Not only because a HUGEFood fight is on the thoughts of every school age child but alsobecause when I was in 8th grade we did exactly what is inthis book! My entire 8th grade class conspired together tohave a huge Food Fight! We all planned on one kid to stand up andyell “The mongoose stands alone” and that was the key words tostart throwing! I loved how we all worked together and the entire 8th grade class participated! It took about 10 minutes before the teachers even found out what we were doing! Since it was the entire class the only discipline was having to cleanup the mess…..which took the rest of the school day and then alecture the next day on our decisions! But….it was SOOO worth it!That is a memory that will last forever…they only downfall was mysilk jacket was ruined forever due to a huge splatter of Salsa!
Okayso enough about what happened when I was a kid…what about the book!
AuthorJ.L. Nesvold has really created characters that I can relate to. Healso thought of everything when it comes to a child dream of TheGreatest Food Fight! He has talked about each step that a child wouldthink when planning such an amazing event! From turning the tablesover and using them as protection to taking over the kitchen to scoremore ammo!
Ifound this book to be very cute! At first I thought “Oh…somethingto give my child ideas.” But even if it did this book is stillworth the read! Very fun story that will bring out the child ineveryone!
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