Gruene Dual Steam Cleaner Review!

 My Thoughts on Gruene Dual Steam Cleaner
I am a sanitation freak at my house. I know it is becauseI have so many day care kids and let’s face it. No matter how cute they arethey are full of germs and kind of gross at times! Please don’t take that thewrong way! I love each and every one of the kids… but, it seems that when onelittle one shows up with the flu, cold, pink eye, etc….they all get it! Since Iam watching for singles mothers I still watch their kids and care for them evenwhen they are sick. The kids know they will be in my “quarantined” room whensick where they will play and watch TV but I will know exactly what they havetouched to allow me to disinfect everything!
With Gruene Dual Steam Cleaner I can know that my home isclean! I mean really clean! The Gruene Dual Steam Cleaner is an upright, hardfloor cleaner! But, it is also more! Within seconds it can convert from anupright steam cleaner to a hand steam cleaner that will clean counter tops,sinks, windows, and more!
I received the Gruene Dual Steam Cleaner for the purposeof my review. It was easy to put together and I had it completed in minutes! Icould not wait as I was in the mood to deep clean my home anyway! Now I had theGruene for help! I started off with all of the hard floors in my home! Tile andlinoleum were clean in just 30 minutes. At first I was not seeing animprovement (but knew that at least it was disinfecting) but then when I wentto take it apart I seen the filthy rag at the bottom of the cleaner and knewthat it was doing its job and more! I was so thrilled with this that I quicklyconverted it into a hand steam cleaner and went throughout my home cleaningcountertops and windows! Practicing with each and every accessory that wasprovided with my Gruene Dual Steam Cleaner!
I am very impressed with the Gruene! There are so manydifferent attachments and such that can be used! At first when I seen that thiswas a steam cleaner that would not do carpets I was doubtful but then startedthinking that in all actuality this is brilliant! Now I will be able to insurethat all hard (sealed) surfaces my home is disinfected and clean!
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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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