Threads West by Reid Lance Rosenthal Review


My Thoughts on Threads West
By Reid Lance Rosenthal
I am a sucker for a good western book so I knew that this bookwould be right up my alley! Threads West by Reid Lance Rosenthal is a storyabout seven characters. They are each on different paths in life that lead themto the New World- America! In the start of the book there is a chapter for eachof the seven main characters each have a chapter about them so you can reallyget into the story and know what their life is about. Usually I don’t likebooks with chapters that break everything up like that but Reid Lance Rosenthaldid it in a way that captivated each life and the book would not have been asgood if he did not decide to do it in that way.
Of course not all of the characters in the book are good. But evenwith the bad you will see an insight into their life that will help you to havean emotional sentiment toward them…but not with everything they do!
There were parts of this book that had me smiling from ear to ear,some had me crying, and some had me very mad and even disgusted! That is how Iknow this is a good book. Reid Lance Rosenthal has taken me back to a worldthat once was during the start of the American West. The stories in this bookare captivating and let me know what it might have been like for my ancestorswho traveled all this way for a new life. I am mesmerized by this book and Ican’t wait for the next in this series! If you enjoy a good western/romancethan this book is for you!
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