My Thoughts on My Coupons
I was introduced to couponing 2years ago. It did not take me long to get hooked on saving money and findingthe best deals. But unfortunately for me I don’t have any coupon blogs in myarea and had to figure out what coupons to use and what stores to use them at. Luckilyfor me I was not completely alone! With sites like My Coupons there to help mefind the coupons I was looking for! is a one stop shop forall coupons! And I do mean ALL! They even have it organized by categories suchas Arts and Crafts, Automobile, Books and Magazines, Business and Services, Clothingand Shoes, Computers and Software, DVD and Video, Educations, Electronics,Food, General Merchandise, Gifts and Flowers,…okay the list goes on and on! Thereis even a section to let you know about the coupons that are about to expire! is also user friendly!I figured out where I wanted to be in no time! I also like that I can do aquick search for what I am looking for instead of trying to go through the categories.
The only downfall I can find is how hard it was to find coupons for specific brand items thatwould be on my grocery list. does however have coupons for justabout any store you can think of and I like that I can type in the store nameand bring up coupons I never knew existed!
Okay so on to why I am really writingthis post! Textbooks! I am sure that most of you know just how expensive thesecan be! When I was in college I dreaded paying for my books because I knew thatit was going to take at least two months of pay from my bank account! (I wasnot able to make very much as a college student) I wish that I would have hadthe features the has to offer! As I was looking at the coupons for text books I was blown away at justhow much you will be able to save! It’s wonderful!
Overall I am very impressed with have used this site as a reference for the past few years and have never beendisappointed!


 You can go HERE to findyour coupons for your next Text Book purchase! paid me for this post through MamaBuzz, However my opinion was usedin this review and was not influenced in any way! All thoughts are my own andmay vary from others.

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