Bryan White and Andy Griggs concert

WoW! My posting has dropped this past week! I have been focused on getting ready for the holidays and now need to focus on the rest of the Holiday Products I need to get posted! So this week will be crazy with reviews and giveaways!!!

I also wanted to share with you a very fun night I had this week! I was able to see Bryan White and Andy Griggs in concert! It was just them with their guitars having a fun time. No bands and they did not have a set list of songs to play. I have never been to a more relaxing concert!

I would love to share with you a few pic’s that I took as well as two youtube video’s. The videos are not the best but still feature some of my favorite songs by these artists!

I have been to MANY concerts in my life and by far Bryan White took the most time to thank his fans. He signed autographes for everyone and took pictures. Andy Griggs would not come out which was depressing but that is okay. I got a picture with Bryan White!!

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