HandClens Foaming Sanitizer Review

My Thoughts on HandClens
Foaming Sanitizer and Lotion
Hand sanitizer is a common household item now days. This is a good thing. But the downfall to hand sanitizer for me is how dry my hands are after using it. I also get nervous about the alcohol in it since I have young day care children in my home at all times.
So what if I could tell you about a new hand sanitizer? A sanitizer that does not contain alcohol to dry out your skin? HandClens is a foaming sanitizer and lotion that you use exactly as you would any other sanitizer but HandClens does not dry out your hands! Plus it foams!
I like the foaming effect of the sanitizer. I also like that it contains lotion so that my hands will stay soft. There is also no burn when I have a cut or something on my skin. HandClens is a pretty neat product! I will however say that my hands were much more watery then when using a regular sanitizer and it seemed to take a lot longer for my hands to dry off. But overall it was wonderful!
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I received  a product for the purpose of this review! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others

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