Angelina Ballerina: Love To Dance Review

My Thoughts Angelina Ballerina
Love To Dance
I would have loved the cartoon Angelina Ballerina when I was a child. I was a ballet dancer but none if my favorite cartoon characters were ballet dancers.
I received Angelina Ballerina: Love to Dance movie and I just love it. In fact I am the one that begs to watch it most of the time. I love that my daughter is learning about different kinds of music and dance while she is watching the entertaining movie. My daughter enjoys getting off the couch and practicing her ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and even river dance moves!
At the beginning of the movie Angelina was trying to be something she was not. This movie shows that we all have different interests and we are each our own individual! It also teaches the kids that we should never change who we are to impress someone else. The movie teaches about what life would be like if we were all exactly the same. It would be dull as they say! What a cute movie! I can’t wait to see what Angelina does next!
Ashes Thoughts
(age 5)
Angelina is cool. I enjoy dancing with her when she is on T.V.! I want to dance with her on T.V.  I would like to dance with a magic hat so I can go into the T.V. and see Angelina in real life. I love Angelina’s Tutu skirt. It is so pretty. I would like to have  a tutu also. I think it is cool when the boy plays the violin. He can play every kind of music. I can’t wait to try to play the violin on T.V. I would love to dance while holding Angelina’s hand.
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