The Way Home Movie Review

My Thoughts on The Way Home
Starring Dean Cain
I just spent the last two hours crying my eyes out. It was in a good way if that makes any sense. The Way Home staring Dean Cain is one of the most heartfelt; cry your eyes out movies I have seen in a long time. The Way Home is a true story about a father who is wrapped up in his work. Most of us know that sadly this is something that happens more often than not. The world around us is demanding and sometimes expects too much and we spend our days just trying to succeed and catch up in life and forget about what truly matters. Dean Cain plays the role of Randy Simpkins who one afternoon while getting ready to leave on a family vacation was supposed to be tending his two year old son Joe. Randy steps away to take care of stuff for work. While away his son Joe disappears. Where? No one knows? Randy and his wife Crystal search frantically and can’t seem to find any clues. Calling the authorities and a few family members turns into a large search and Randy and Crystal soon realize just how many carting people there are around them. This movie is filled with prayer and suspense around every corner. Truly a movie that plays on a parent’s worst nightmare and makes you think twice about what you have at home. Watch this movie about a journey back to love and marriage.

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