Disney’s Have A Laugh Review

My Thoughts on Disney’s Have A Laugh
So whatever happened to the good cartoons? You know the ones that we watched when we were younger? The cartoons that we would love for our kids to watch now? Disney’s is fixing that problem! They have released Have A Laugh volumes 1 and 2! What is that you wonder? Well they are the only Mickey cartoons that we all know and love! I know that the past week my daughter and day care kids have had many laughs as they have watched the DVD’s time and again! At least with Disney I know that I can put the DVD in and walk away without wondering what the children are watching. Disney is known for the wholesome family values that they instill in everything they do. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto are all characters that we know and trust!
It was fun to sit and watch these cartoons with my family. Many of them I remember watching when I was young and many of them I never seen. I love that there is now a place to go for the Disney cartoons without me having to purchase a dozen DVDs to see them. Disney is always coming up with wonderful plans and placing all of these old time cartoons in one spot was brilliant! So if you are like me and miss having the old time cartoons in your life or if you are excited to share them with your children then look into Disney’s Have A Laugh Volumes 1 and 2 in stores now!!

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