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DISNEYNATURE BEARS   I love Disney Nature films. It is  a great way for us to learn about the wonderful world around us.  Bears is in theaters now! Enjoy! DISNEYNATURE Website and Mobile Site: Disney.com/Bears Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/Disneynature Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/Disneynature   Genre:                                                  True Life Adventure Rating:                                                  G U.S. Release Date:                                April 18, 2014   Directors:                                              Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey Co-Director:                                          Adam Chapman Producers: … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Barney Review & Giveaway

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Happy Birthday Barney Review & Giveaway Ends 5/03/14 My daughter has a birthday coming. It is a special day for anyone...but especially for a child. That is why I am happy to announce that Barney has a new DVD available. Happy Birthday Barney will be a perfect addition to your little ones birthday gift. If you have a Barney fan in the house you won't want to miss out on this DVD!   PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Put on your party hat as everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur Barney® and his playground friends gather to celebrate Barney’s super-dee-duper birthday celebration in the all-newBarney: Happy Birthday Barney! available on DVD, Digital and Video on Demand April 15, 2014 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.     Trusted by moms and adored by children, Barney displays sharing, caring, imagination, dancing and learning on television, online and through live events, home entertainment, toys and publishing. Help Barney celebrate over 25 years of love and … [Read more...]

Flower Lotion Bars DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea


Flower Lotion Bars DIY Mother's Day Gift Idea Mother's Day is just around the corner. This year I have decided that handmade will be much funner then store bought. I have decided that I am going to bring a relaxing spa day right to my Mom's home. I will be putting together a basket of home made items like home make lotion, soap, bath & body scrub and more! If you think your Mom will love some home made items as well then you won't want to miss out on making these amazing Flower Lotion Bars! Ingredients: Equal Parts of the following: Shea Butter Bees Wax Almond, Olive or Avocado Oil Directions: Melt shea butter and beeswax in a double boiler. If you do not have a double boiler, fill a pot with water and place a glass bowl that is a little smaller on top of the pot, ensuring that the water does not touch the bottom of the glass bowl. Once the sea butter and beeswax has completely melted, add in the oil of your choice. Pour into a mold (silicon molds are the … [Read more...]



    Disney's PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE Disney has yet another great movie that will be in theaters soon (July 18)! I can't wait to see Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue!   PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE (In 3D) DISNEY Website: Disney.com/Planes Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/DisneyPlanes Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/DisneyPictures     Genre:                                      Animation/Adventure Rating:                                      TBD Release Date:                           July 18, 2014   Voice Cast:                               Dane Cook, Julie Bowen Director:                                   Bobs Gannaway Producer:                                  Ferrell Barron   “Planes: Fire … [Read more...]

Thomas & Friends Trouble On The Tracks

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Thomas & Friends Trouble On The Tracks Thomas & Friends is at it again. This time in the new DVD Trouble On The Tracks. In Thomas & Friends Trouble On The Tracks you be taken on an adventure as Thomas & his friends encounter trains, trucks and high speeds! PROGRAM DESCRIPTION Start your engines for the most action-packed, never-before-seen adventures on the Island of Sodor with Thomas and his engine friends in the all-new Thomas & Friends®: Trouble on the Tracks available exclusively at Walmart on DVD and available on Digital HD and Video on Demand April 8, 2014 from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment. These five, high-speed episodes challenge Thomas and his friends to be Really Useful Engines in every situation.  So grab your engineer’s cap and join the exciting fun with Thomas, Paxton, Salty, Henry and Toad in Thomas & Friends®: Trouble on the Tracks   On The Back Cinders and ashes…there's trouble on the tracks for Thomas and his friends! … [Read more...]

Delivery Man


Delivery Man   Can you imagine having 533 children? That is an insane amount of kids and the exact number of children that David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) discovers that he has fathered in the movie Delivery Man.   Recently I was sent a copy of Delivery Man staring Vince Vaughn for the purpose of this review. I was really excited for this movie to arrive because I feel like all I do is watch kids movies. Don't get me wrong..I love kids movies. But it was very nice to cuddle up with my husband and watch a movie with him for once!   This movie was so funny and my husband and I really enjoyed seeing what it was like for David to step up to the plate and be a Dad to all of these kids! What a crazy concept!   On the Back In this heartwarming comedy, underachiever David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) learns he's actually an overachiever – he's fathered 533 children via donations made twenty years earlier! David soon discovers that the shock of his life might just be … [Read more...]

Thomas & Friends Railway Mischief

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Thomas & Friends Railway Mischief Thomas & Friends recently released another movie. This one titled Railway Mischief where you will learn the importance of listening! This is something I have been trying to teach my daughter recently! :) Recently I was sent a copy of Thomas & Friends Railway Mischief for the purpose of this review. I love getting these Thomas & Friends DV'D's because they are a true classic. No matter the age children love to see what Thomas & Friends will do next. Want to learn more about Thomas & his friends? Visit www.lionsgate.com/thomasandfriends to learn more and see what other great DVD's Thomas & Friends has to offer! On The Back Cinders and Ashes! There’s trouble on the tracks for Thomas and his friends. Gordon and Cranky don’t want to listen to really useful advice from Paxton and Kevin. Scruff, Winston and Stafford lose track of themselves, causing confusion and delay! Sometimes engines need a little help from their … [Read more...]

Marble Mania From The Learning Journey Review & Giveaway!


Marble Mania From The Learning Journey Review & Giveaway Ends 5/13/14!   I loved playing with marbles when I was a child. I remember trying to set up different marble mazes and building contraptions for my marbles to go through. Recently thanks to The Learning Journey I was sent a fun Techno Gears Marble Mania Quest for the purpose of this review. The Marble Mania Quest arrived at the perfect time....spring break. It was day 3 of spring break and my home was filled with children who thought that they were board. I was so tired of hearing them complain that there was “Nothing to do”.   Luckily my husband also took off the whole week of spring break and he was home when the box arrived. I handed him the box immediately and told him to have fun putting it together. As soon as he opened the box the kids screamed with joy and ran over to help him. In the Techno Gears Marble Mania Quest there are more then 200 pieces so it took the kids who were … [Read more...]

The Young Scientist Club – The Magic School Bus Engineering Bus Review & Giveaway


  The Young Scientist Club - The Magic School Bus Engineering Bus Ends 4/30/14!   I am so excited for this new adventure of mine. Home schooling my child is something I have always wanted to do....but I never had the courage to do it before. Now that I have taken that leap I have been coming up with fun and amazing ways to teach my daughter. For example I have been using a The Young Scientist Club kit to teach her everything she needs to know about Engineering! Thanks to The Young Scientist Club I was able to review The Magic School Bus Engineering Bus. This fun educational kit includes not 1, not 10....but 33 engineering kits for your kids to explore. From cooking in a solar oven to learning about gravity! This kit really does have something for everyone! I could not wait to review this kit from The Young Scientist Club because my daughter is a scientist in the making. She loves to learn the why and the how of everything around her. When this kit arrived she … [Read more...]

Turkey Taco Bites


Turkey Taco Bites   I have been focusing on eating healthy this year. Basically if it is not healthy then I don't want to put it into my body. This has actually been a lot easier then I anticipated. I cleaned out all the cupboards and freezers of all the junk and I make sure that I am not hungry when I go grocery shopping..that helps me stick to my list better. :) One of the ways I have been focusing on eating healthy is by cutting down on the amount of red meat that my family eats. We have been trying out new recipes that contain fish, chicken and turkey.   Ingredients for Turkey Taco Bites -   1 lb. ground turkey 1 packet of taco seasoning (any brand) ½ C. shredded cheese 3-4 romaine leaves, ripped to fit the tortilla chips ½ C. diced tomatoes Sour Cream (optional) Taco Sauce (optional) 1 bag of regular size tortilla chips   Directions -   #1. Cook the 1 lb. ground turkey and drain grease. Add the taco seasoning … [Read more...]

GlossyBox – Monthly Beauty Box Review & Giveaway!


GlossyBox - Monthly Beauty Box Review & Giveaway!   I can't get enough of these amazing boxes that contain new and interesting products getting shipped to your door each and every month. Recently I have signed up for craft boxes, healthy food boxes and boxes for my pet. Thanks to this review I am now even getting to try out a box filled with beauty products Thanks to GlossyBox!   Growing up I was able to try out all the latest and greatest beauty products. My Mom and Grandma ran a day spa and they were always sent samples of beauty items to try out. That was years ago and I have really missed staying up to date with the best products for my face, hair and nails.   The GlossyBox was sent right to my door and I could not wait to see what was inside. It came beautifully packaged and once I opened it up I knew that this box would be something I would love to received monthly! The GlossyBox contained 5 beauty products that I had never heard of before … [Read more...]

Noah’s Ark Animated Feature Film


I was sent a copy of this title for the purpose of this review. However my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way. Noah's Ark Animated Feature Film My Thoughts   I love coming across any animated films or books that depict bible stories. It is a great way to get those stories into the heads of the kids. The animated feature film Noah's Ark brings to life the character of Noah and helps the children to understand what it might have been like for him to build an ark. The trials that his family went through as well as the work he put into finding the animals and caring for them.   I love the cute little twist that this animated film put on the Noah's Ark story. Of course it is not 100% to scripture...but it still lets the children know the importance of the story. As you can imagine this was something that not only changed Noah and his life forever...but the life of his family. I can imagine that it was not easy for any of them! On The … [Read more...]

Todd Oliver Funny Dog


Todd Oliver Funny Dog The most important personality trait I look for in a friend is laughter. I like to surround myself with people who have a sense of humor and who know how to laugh. I grew up with a Dad who knew how to make people laugh and I married a man like that as well! I love to laugh!   Recently I was sent a copy of Todd Oliver Funny Dog for the purpose of this review. I love ventriloquists so I could not wait to see what Todd Oliver had to offer with his super cute dogs!   Todd Oliver has real dogs in his act that have personalities all their own. It is funny to see them “talk” and hear what they have to say!   This is a great laugh out loud DVD that I can sit and watch with my husband. I love listening to Todd's creative jokes and how well he brings life to all of his character friends! On The Back   Join in the fun as nationally known comedian Todd Oliver and his amazing talking dogs (All Oliver family rescued pets!) … [Read more...]

Earn Gift Cards Just For Searching with Bing – Free Sign up!

Earn Gift Cards Just For Searching with Bing - Free Sign up! I love searching the internet! Especially if I am going to earn gift cards just for doing it! With Bing you can now Earn credits   for searching the web, trying out new features or learning tips and tricks to help you find what you are looking for. Redeem for gift cards, donations, and more – it’s free! You’re searching already. Why not get rewarded for it? … [Read more...]

140 Return Address Labels only $4.99

140 Return Address Labels only $4.99     Vistaprint is my favorite place to purchase address labels. I know I will get good quality labels for a price I can afford. Right now Vistaprint has a deal for 140 Return Address Labels just $4.99! Remember to enter code STICKIT at checkout to score this deal! … [Read more...]