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Free Belly Button Band

Free Belly Button Band   No more maternity pants! Belly Button Band products button into your pre-pregnancy pants to adjust to your expanding belly and keep them secure. Wear your favorite jeans all throughout your pregnancy and for the in-between sizes after pregnancy with Belly Button Band! We want to give you a promo code for 2 FREE Belly Button Bands or 1 FREE Belly Button Body ($40 Value) today! Click "Shop Now" and select your two favorite Belly Button Bands or your favorite Belly Button Body Band. Enter the promo code "ENBABY" and 100% of your product purchase ($40 Value) will be deducted! - all you pay are the SP&S fees! Remember: the promo code is "ENBABY" and you can use it more than once just open a new browser window each time you do.   … [Read more...]

Don’t Let LBL Hold You Back…I Don’t! + Free Sample!


Thanks to Poise I was paid for this article. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way. Don't Let LBL Hold You Back....I Don't I am an avid water drinker. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. Not only do I drink lots of water because I actually like it...but also because I live an active lifestyle. I love going for daily walks, bike rides and hikes. At times it is hard to hold it when I am out on the trail. It is not like there are bathrooms along the way on my bike rides or on my family hikes. Plus it is not like I would feel comfortable to just stop an go when I am on those busy trails with friends. So...I do what any women would do. I hold it.....and usually I do pretty good at holding it. That is until I cough, laugh or hit a bump on my bike. Now as you can imagine this could lead up to some pretty embarrassing moments but thanks to Poise Microliners it is no longer an issue! You see Poise Microliners has this wonderful feature named SAM (super … [Read more...]

How Yoga Can Help Boost Creativity

  How Yoga Can Help Boost Creativity Yoga has many well-known and proven benefits for the body, mind and soul. During a typical yoga practice, instructors help students focus on the moment, put things into perspective, achieve balance, and accept who they are. After a refreshing yoga session, many students find that their minds are bursting with creative ideas ready to be explored. Entrepreneur and yogi Chip Wilson has said, when it comes to yoga, “there are moments in life when everything comes into perfect view. This is one of them”. Relief of Mental Blockages After a fruitful yoga session, many students feel as if a block has been lifted off of their shoulders. Whatever worries and anxieties they walked into the room with have melted away, clearing the path for a release of creative energy. The release of mental hang-ups allows that creative energy to flow freely. Relaxation Yoga helps tense muscles to relax and stretches stiff joints to relieve internal pressure … [Read more...]

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Coupon

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DailyBurn – Beautiful Belly – 30-Day Free Trial

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Drunk Driving….Just Don’t Do It!

Drunk Driving....Just Don't Do It!   As a child it was common for my Dad's pager to go off. It did not matter if we were eating dinner, having a birthday party, at church or just waking up Christmas morning. My Dad was on call 24-7. He is now a retired firefighter and while on the department he was also an EMT which meant that he was dispatched to many car accidents. I can remember him coming home and telling me more then once about a car accident where he had to use the jaws of life to cut someone out. Or about how someone lost their life due to someone else's carelessness. More often then not that carelessness was due to someone drinking and driving. It is heart breaking that something so foolish can lead to the loss of an innocent life. To add to this story of drunk driving I myself also lost three close friends due to drunk driving. They of course did not think they had too much to drink....but they did. My friend was so drunk that instead of putting his car in reverse … [Read more...] – Free Audiobook - Free Audiobook is a great place to get your books downloaded to your smartphone and tablets! Get an audiobook of your choice, free, with a 30-day trial.  … [Read more...]

Stayfree Is My Choice for All My Feminine Care Needs! #shop #FreeToMove #cbias


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.   Stayfree Is My Choice for All My Feminine Care Needs! I am not regular when it comes to my monthly. I never have been. There is never a warning sign or a specific day of each month that I know it will happen. It just does. That is why I am always prepared for all my Feminine Care needs with Stayfree pads. Stayfree has everything a girl needs to keep her going cause lets face can't stop just because you get your period! Right?   My life is crazy. My days are filled to the brim with outdoor activities, house cleaning, taking care of kiddos, homeschooling the kiddos, volunteering my time at church, blogging and being a wife and mother. Because of all those things I don't have time to stop just because Aunt Flo arrives. Stayfree has a lot to offer when it comes to pads like my favorites Stayfree Ultra Thin Regular and Stayfree Overnight pads. … [Read more...]

GemRoc Up To 75% Off Jewelry

GemRoc Up To 75% Off Jewelry Are you a jewelry fan? Check out these great deals on up to 75% off jewelry! … [Read more...]

Hallmark SpiritClips Free Trial

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Lil’ Troops Review & Giveaway


** I was provided with Lil' Troopers for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way. Lil' Troops Review & Giveaway Ends 7/30/14   I don't know a child (especially a little boy) who does not love to play Army. I remember my little brothers always dressing in camo growing up and running around our back yard playing Army. I also remember that my brothers had Army toys that they played with all the time. Recently thanks to Lil' Troops I was able to review a new line of Army toys for children ages 4+. Lil' Troops is a toy line filled with Army playing fun. There are five little guys including a Desert Trooper, Infantry Man, Rescue Pilot, Recon Scout and Urban Trooper. Each Lil' Trooper is wearing a uniform and comes with accessories such as an American Flag, canteens and walkie talkies. Now that I have little ones filling my home I see them wanting to play with the same types of toys my little brothers played … [Read more...]

July GlossyBox Review + Free Paint Pot!


July GlossyBox Review   There is still time to order your July GlossyBox. I must say this was one of my most favorite boxes yet. I love getting a monthly GlossyBox for the purpose of these reviews. They are always filled with so many great new beauty products that I have never seen before. I never know what is going to arrive and I love it! This month there was some great products like StrangeBeautiful nail polish, Rusk Dry Finishing Spray, Ayres Body Butter, Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy and Sumita Beauty Eye Shadow Pencil. StrageBeautiful Nail Polish - I love these patriotic colors. My daughter seen these and immediately asked me if she could polish my toe nails and hers. She ended up doing little flags for the 4th of July and I loved it! Rusk - I am so tired of my hair going flat. It is so hot and humid outside that it is hard for me to keep a curl this time of year. I am in love with this Rusk. It feels light on my hair and … [Read more...]

Chicken Soup for the Soul Home Sweet Home Review & Giveaway


Chicken Soup for the Soul Home Sweet Home Review & Giveaway Open to US and Canada Ends 7/29/14 There is no place like home. I remember 6 years ago when my husband and I made the choice to move away from my home town where I had lived my whole life. It was a hard decision to make. I loved that small town and all of my family lives there. But, I also know that home is where the heart is and my heart was moving because he got a better job offer. When I left 6 years ago I did not think that I would ever think of another place as home...and although I still love the home town where I grew up I know that I would probably never go back. I love living where I live now and I am so blessed to be here. Have you ever had to make the hard decision to move? Do you own your own home? Rent? Live with your parents? Whatever your living situation may I am sure you will love this great Chicken Soup for the Soul Home Sweet Home book. It has stories for just about every home/family type. It's … [Read more...]

Steel Patios And Pergolas

Steel Patios And Pergolas Steel patios, a wonderful option to add style and flair to your home, are well-known for their versatility in such settings as carports and outdoor entertainment areas. The design options available for these patios are virtually endless. The range of options includes a gable, pyramid, flat and dome roof or even a combination of these if you prefer. One of the best advantages of steel is that it is quite strong in tension, enabling it to span large distances. This means that steel can be used to span a large patio area or verandah without requiring numerous columns for support. Another advantage of purchasing a steel patio/pergola is that steel requires much less maintenance than the traditional wooden structures. Quite frequently, the paint on wood structures wears away rapidly. Paint applied to steel, on the other hand, lasts for a very long time until repainting is necessary. The pricing of steel versus wood is also a critical factor to consider before … [Read more...]