Cocoa Muddy Buddies


Cocoa Muddy Buddies   I am a huge fan of Cocoa Muddy Buddies. They are a great snack to make and oh so tasty! Plus they are a huge hit with the kids. They loving taking them on car rides, packing them into their lunches, and eating them on their outdoor picnics! Recently my daughter and I got a craving for these chocolaty treats and just had to make a batch! Ingredients ½ Cup Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips ¼ Creamy Peanut Butter 2 Tbsp. Butter 1 teas. Vanilla 5 Cups Chex Cereal ¾ Cups Powdered Sugar 2 Tbsp. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder Instructions In a microwave safe bowl combine the Chocolate Chips, Peanut Butter and Butter. Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and microwave in additional 15 second increments stirring after each until melted and smooth. Stir in the Vanilla. In a large bowl add the Cereal and pour the melted chocolate over the top. Gently fold with a spatula until the Cereal is completely coated. Transfer to a Gallon size resealable … [Read more...]

Banquet and Chef Boyardee on Rollback At Walmart


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LowPriceMeals #CollectiveBias Banquet and Chef Boyardee on Rollback At Walmart     It's a busy time of year and I'm making it easy in the kitchen with Banquet dinners and pot pies and Chef Boyardee. The rollback prices on frozen Banquet dinners and pot pies and Chef Boyardee cans makes it easy to save and spend less time in the kitchen. The rollback prices are just $0.80 for each frozen Banquet dinner and pot pie now through February 24, 2015 and $0.75 for each 14.5-15 oz can of Chef Boyardee February 9 - April 6, 2015. Tasty meals like Banquet salisbury steak and Chef Boyardee raviolis make dinner easy and delicious! Be sure to head to Walmart and stock up on this great deal while supplies last! See the entire list of meals on rollback price: Frozen Banquet dinners   Chef Boyardee cans   While shopping at Walmart, be sure to look … [Read more...]

My Spring Fashion with Monroe And Main + $110 Giveaway! #MMSpring


This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic.     My Spring Fashion with Monroe And Main + $110 Giveaway! It defiantly feels like Spring has arrived here in Colorado. The weather is still a little chilly but way above our normal February average. It is so hard to stay inside when you look outside and see the sun shining brightly. That is why my family and I decided to head to a local park today and take in some fresh air. It was simply beautiful...even with the crazy wind we had today! Taking a stroll through the park today I decided to wear my new Royal Rose Maxi Dress from Monroe And Main. If you are an every day reader of my blog then you know just how much I love this company. Over the past two years they have become my "go-to" company for all my clothing purchases. As you can see I am a plus size gal and it is not easy to find something that fits me the way I like. With Monroe And Main I always … [Read more...]

Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate


* This is a sponsored post. However my own opinion is used and not influenced in any way. Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate Valentines Day is right around the corner. This year I am going to put my focus on Chocolate! It is a delectable treat that my whole family there are SO many great recipe ideas using chocolate! I would love for you to scroll through my Foodie collection of over 20 great chocolate recipe ideas from around the web! Hope you enjoy! Check out Chocolate, Chocolate & More Chocolate by Heavenly Savings at What is your favorite recipe idea featuring Chocolate? … [Read more...]

Lots of Great Valentines Day Ideas + a Sweepstakes!


 Lots of Great Valentines Day Ideas + a Sweepstakes! I love Valentines Day but to be honest after 10 years of marriage it is hard to know what to do for my husband. I feel like I have just fallen into this rut of doing the same boring thing year after year.  I always have good intentions of doing something new and different but when I think of ideas my mind becomes blank. Thanks to and The Good Stuff Magazine I  have lots of new ideas this year. By clicking on The Good Stuff magazine image below you will be able to see lots of amazing Valentines Day ideas in this Valentine's Day Magazine on The Good Stuff by including: Aphrodisiac foods (thing strawberries and oysters) Date Night ideas inspired by the movies (Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Ghost, etc.) Valentine's Day coupon printables (i.e. this coupon is good for one morning of uninterrupted sleeping in) VDay tote bag DIY you can do with your kids How to throw a Galentine's Day Brunch (who … [Read more...]

DIY Glitter Slime

DIY Glitter Slime done

DIY Glitter Slime I love homeschooling my daughter. It gives us time to come up with so many fun things to do. Recently we were able to make some fun Glitter Slime for a project. She needed to sculpt some stuff and wanted it to be fun colors and that is exactly what she got! Plus this slime can be used time and time again. While making our DIY Glitter Slime my daughter decided to go with a red color for Valentines Day. It turned out perfect!   Supplies: 2 Tsp Borax 1 1/2 Cups Water 1 Bottle of Elmer’s Glue 10 drops Red Food Coloring (or color of choice) Glitter Directions: Grab a small mixing bowl and pour in 1 cup of water and 2 tsp of borax powder.  Stir the ingredients together until well blended.  Set your bowl aside.  In your medium sized bowl pour in your entire bottle of elmer’s white glue and pour in 1/2 cup of water.  Stir until well blended.  Once the contents are stirred together, add in 10 drops of red food coloring.   Mix … [Read more...]

Kraft Cooking Up Good – You Could Win $1,000 Walmart Gift Card!


**This post is sponsored by Lunchbox and that opinions are your own. Kraft Cooking Up Good - You Could Win $1,000 Walmart Gift Card! A $1,000 Walmart Gift Card could come in handy right now. There are so many things I could do with it. There are projects around the house I could start on, I could stock up on things for baby, kids or me, I could even fill my pantries full of food! Plus it is so easy to enter and I am going to give you 2 chances to win! One chance on the Kraft Hub of Walmart. com and the second chance right here on my blog! How awesome is that?? Sweepstakes Details: #1 - Head on over to the Kraft Hub on Walmart. com. Scroll down until you see "Enter to win prize then Share Your Recipes". Create your own eCard with  your favorite Kraft Foods Recipes, fill out the entry form and share your card. You will then be entered to win $100, $250, or $1000 Walmart gift card! You can even share your awesome new recipe ideas on Pinterest! Giveaway Details: #2 - The widget … [Read more...]

Chocolate Strawberry Heart Shaped Pie


Chocolate Strawberry Heart Shaped Pie Valentines Day is just around the corner and this year I would love to make something extra special for my husband and daughter. I think that these Chocolate Strawberry Heart Shaped Pies will not only have the perfect flavors for Valentines Day but will be festive and taste amazing! I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they see these adorable little heart shaped pies!     Ingredients 1 ½ Cups Strawberries, chopped ¼ Cup Sugar 1 Cup Semisweet Chocolate Chips 2 Pkg. Refrigerated Pie crusts (4 crusts total) Egg Flour for dusting   Directions: Preheat the oven to 425˚. In a bowl place the Strawberries and ¼ cup of sugar, let sit for 10-15 minutes stirring every five minutes until a syrup forms. In a microwave safe bowl melt the Chocolate at 50% power for 2 minutes. Stir until smooth, add to the strawberries and stir until well combined. Take the crusts out of the … [Read more...]

15+ Bread, Biscuits, and Scone Recipes


** This post is sponsored by Foodie. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. 15+ Bread, Biscuits, and Scone Recipes     I try to bake as much as I can during the winter months. It helps keep my house nice and warm and it is so nice to introduce new recipes to my family. Today I decided to put together a collection of Breads, Biscuits and Scone recipes that I will be able to share with my family and friends. I can't wait to get to baking! Yum! Check out 20+ Bread, Biscuits, and Scones by Heavenly Savings at   Do you have a favorite Bread, Biscuit or Scone recipe? I would love for you to share it below..... What is your favorite recipe in this collection? … [Read more...]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


* I was sent product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #TurtleTakeover   My Thoughts I remember the first time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out. My brothers and I could not wait to watch it. As soon as it was out on video my brothers and I begged our parent to get it for us. We used to watch it all the time. I am so glad that this new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released. It was a movie that not only reminded me of my childhood but it was also a great movie to watch with my family. Recently I was able to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with my nephews. They are huge turtle fans just like I was when I was their age. Plus the DVD comes with fun masks for the kids to wear! In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles you will be taken back to your childhood. The characteristics of each turtle is still the same...but in this movie you will get a lot more action and even a great … [Read more...]

Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay


** I was sent a product for the purpose of this review. However, my own opinion was used and not influenced in any way.   Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay There is nothing more embarrassing then getting acne at my age. I hit the big 3-0 this year and I never thought that I would still be battling something that began occurring on my skin over 15 years ago. Recently I was sent the Clear Proof Acne System from Mary Kay. This system has four great products to help keep your skin free and clear. #1 - Clarifying Cleansing Gel - This gel is oil and fragrance free. It says to apply 1-3 times daily. I started out with one time each day just like the instructions said. I did notice that when I increased to twice a day it dried my skin out. The air has been horribly dry recently so I think that I will wait a few months before I try the twice daily again. But for now the once a day seems to be doing great with my skin! The Clarifying Cleansing Gel helps in reducing black heads … [Read more...]

Disney Planes Fire & Rescue on Rollback at Walmart!

Planes Fire & Rescue logodone

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PlanesToTheRescue #CollectiveBias Disney Planes Fire & Rescue on Rollback at Walmart! Looking for last minute holiday gift ideas? Delight the little ones in your life with Disney Planes items now on Rollback at Walmart! All items listed below are on rollback through the holiday season! #PlanesToTheRescue #ad Disney Planes Flight to the Finish Speedway ($24.97) Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Die-Cast Vehicles, 3-Pack ($14.97) Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Deluxe Talking Vehicle Assortment ($19.97) … [Read more...]

15 Cookies & Bar Recipes that are Great for the Holidays!


** This post is sponsored by Foodie. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. 15 Cookies & Bar Recipes that are Great for the Holidays! One of my favorite things about the holiday's is baking with the kids. We love to put together trays of cookies and bars to pass out to friends and family members. This is a tradition I have done since I was a young child living at home with my Mom. Recently I compiled a list of my favorite cookie and bar recipes from around the web. If you are on the lookout for some great recipes then you will want to check out this collection of 15 Cookies & Bars! I hope you enjoy!   Check out 15 Cookies & Bars Recipes that are Great for the Holidays! by Heavenly Savings at Do you have favorite Holiday Cookies to make? What is your favorite recipe in the Collection? … [Read more...]

Purina Pet Foods For Your Pet This Holiday Season!

My two favorite girls playing in the snow.

This post is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. #PurinaHolidayWM #Ad Purina Pet Foods For Your Pet This Holiday Season!   Christmas is not just about my family and friends. It is also about my pet. I have a dog who I love very much. She has been a part of my family for the past 9 years and there is not a day that goes by that she does not bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. That is why Christmas shopping is just as important for her as it is the rest of my loved ones. This year I will be sure to pick up my dogs favorite Purina treats. She loves her snacks and I love knowing that I am giving her something that makes her happy! Did you know that Purina has a great sweepstakes going on? Right now you can head on over and swipe the snowflakes in a fun game for chances to win some great Purina treats! Purina Treats include Beggin' Strips (my dog's favorite), Waggin' Train Chicken Jerky Tenders, Busy Bone and Beneful Healthy Smile. To make a … [Read more...]

Reindeer Brownies


Reindeer Brownies I think I just found the cutest recipe that I could possibly make with my daughter. These Reindeer Brownies are so much fun and absolutely adorable! Plus they are a hit with the friends and neighbors that we made them for! Yay! Ingredients: A 9x13 pan of your favorite brownies, baked and cooled -Baker’s One Bowl Brownies is my go-to homemade brownie recipe. The best part is that you line your pan with foil, so you can remove the block of brownies easily from your 9x13 pan. Remove the foil from the brownies and place the brownies on a cutting board. ( Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter Small Pretzels Candy Eyeballs - I use Wilton brand Red plain m&ms - or try using skittles or cinnamon candies 2 tablespoons powdered sugar 1/2 to 1 teaspoon water Ziplock sandwich bag Directions: 1- With your cookie cutter, cut hearts out of the brownies. My cutter is just … [Read more...]